Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend update and some of Fav things...

Weekend update...
Well the weekend was fab. Went to Jilly's Cupcake bar and indulged in the "Bee Sting". Elle had a blast and my mom and Gary (step-dad) enjoyed their Lemon Drop cupcakes as well. Saturday evening we ate at Trattoria Giuseppe and my review would be that it was pretty good. We had eaten there in the past and I had previously gotten a pasta dish (the special that night) and it was delicious. This time I got the Chicken Giuseppe and it was "okay". I would have to say that I think the place might be too small for it's business. There are a TON of people who LOVE this restaurant (me included) but the wait-staff seems minimal for the amount of traffic that goes through that place. So all in all my first experience there would of been an 8 on a scale from 1-10, and this time I would have to say it was a 6. One more thing - my SIL had to return her steak as it was not prepared the way she would of liked. She likes it bloody (Med-Rare) and it was well done. So another minus. Sunday was fun - the usual house stuff, grocery shopping, dropping the car off for an oil change, etc... BUT the weather was beautiful so the kids and I had a picnic outside and we played outside for the majority of the day. Sunday night the weather turned scary - took the kids to the basement at 11:30 p.m. because of tornado warnings - had to wake up Wes - poor boo boo. Elle was up with the lightening. So off we went to the basement. Weather passed and we were all back in an bed and asleep by 12:30 a.m. FUN OH FUN!!!

Okay onto my favorite things...
Seen this before and thought this might be fun. I have a few things I will NOT live without and would stand behind these products 110%. My ALL TIME favorite skin care cleanser is from Serious Skin Care and it is called the Glycolic Cleanser
I use it every morning and night and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I love all her products and would NEVER change -
Next I moisturize morning and night with Aveeno Daily Calming Moisturizer and I LOVE IT!!!!!!
I ONLY use Bare Esentuals make-up. I love the light weight feel and the NON-cakey feeling. I have been using this for years and never stray.

Next - I don't wear perfume very often but the ONLY one you will find under my vanity is Chanel COCO Mademoiselle - I find this scent to be lovely and fit for EVERY occasion.
I am also a HUGE lip-gloss fan and swear by Loreal Color Juice - it is light and sheer and I WON'T be without it. Sorry I don't wear lip-stick - I stick to my gloss.

You won't ever find me without my coffee and I love Italian Sweet Creme as my creamer. Okay those are some of MY favorite things for ME.

Favorite thing for Elle - LEGGINGS, LEGGINGS, LEGGINGS... I swear the best thing EVER. You can dress them up, dress them down, wear them to bed, etc... They ROCK and so does Elle in them.

Favorite thing for Wes - his WHOOZIT. He loves this toy so much and it is fun and hip... He loved it from the day he came home from the hospital and 8 months later he is still loving it.
As far as Eric - he uses Serious Skin Care as well and wouldn't change - he loves it and he has very very nice skin. He also LOVES Static Guard - HAHAHAHAHA. I KNOW but I swear he uses it religiously - especially with St. Louis weather in the winter. HAHAHA. Eric and his static guard.

Okay these are some of favorite things - have a great Monday everyone and talk soon....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Amazing women..

I figured that this would be a good time to introduce some amazing women in my life.... I am going to start with my BFF's. There are 4 girls who I would say pretty much have molded me into the woman I am today. I find myself during the day day-dreaming about how much fun I have with these girls, and as we grow and our lives get more hectic I know our memories are something that I will cherish forever. There is Bridget - the level headed compassionate one who is notoriously late and will most likely forget her keys while at it - we have been friends since 3rd grade and went to high-school and college together. She is always there at a the drop of hat and can make you feel like you are the BEST mom, friend, wife, sister in the world. Just her voice comforts me. I absolutely love that girl more than world itself. There is Beth - the mediator, freaker outer who would give the shirt off her back if she could. She truly has such a deep beautiful soul that isn't found in many - she is one of a kind and I am so proud to have her as one of my best friends. Beth and I went to high school together and continued in college as room ates for 4 years. I can't even begin to tell you the fun that this girl can bring - I love her dearly. Sarah is next - now she is truly a unique girl with more drive than anyone I know. She is the MOST independent and confident woman I know and I have deep admiration for her. She sets the bar HIGH for many. She has been through hard times in her life and has come out with flying colors. We went to grade-school and high-school together and maintain our friendship still. She amazes me each time we see one another and I can't imagine my life without her. Then we have my little spit-fire, dark haired beauty BFF - Melissa. Melissa and I are alike in many ways - we don't put up with much and are not afraid to express how "it is going to be" LOL. I met Melissa in college (don't even ask how I first met her - hahaha) and we have been best friends ever since. She is a deep caring friend that I can express ANY feeling with. She loves to have fun and always, always, ALWAYS makes me laugh. I am so glad our paths crossed because she has been an integral part of who I have become.

Back left 2nd Row - Bridget, Me, Sarah - Front row minus girl with her head cut off is Beth (left) and Melissa
Yes Gregg is in the background... Nutball hubby of Melissa but we LOVE him.
 Next I would love for you all to meet my adorable Sister in laws. We have Stacy who is Eric's little sister. She is so loving and beautiful. She has an amazing heart and she is a blast be around. She makes me laugh when no-one else can. She loves my children as if she was their own mother. She is not only a sister-in-law but an amazing friend and I love her to death. Then there is Lauren - she is married to Eric's oldest brother and guess what??? Lauren and I are third cousins too. We didn't know that until after we both were married to the guys. Lauren is a school teacher (3rd grade) so you can imagine the compassion this girl has. She loves everything she does and loves it to a level that not most people can say they get to. She has a pure and genuine soul that MOST people do not have. She is straight-forward and I admire that in her. Lauren and I are very close and I truly believe God brought us together to share our wonderful lives with one another and to call one another FAMILY. Last but not least is Maghen. Maghen is married to Stacy's twin and Eric's younger brother Steve. She packed up her life as she knew in it in Oklahoma to move here with Steve (how many can say they would do ANYTHING for love.. well Maghen can). She is a bright young woman who has excelled in everything she has done. I love her southern accent and what she brings to the family. She is a die hard sports fan and fits in very well. Maghen is a lawyer so she has a good strong personality and that is just AWESOME. She won't take NO for an answer and she will MOST likely win in any situation. LOL Love you Meggy Meg....

From left - Me, Lauren, Stacy, Maghen and Lauren's neighbor Kim.
These are just a few woman whom I adore...... there are so many more, from my girl Angie who has taught me that life is about what makes us happy and to forget what everyone says -  to my friend Juliana who works so hard being a stay at home mom and still maintaining her individuality. AND I can't leave out my online sista mommas - one post couldn't equip the love I feel for those women.
MWAH to you all....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

And so it begins....

     Well here I go. I have been reading many friends blogs lately and decided that I would like to have one myself. I love hearing what is going on throughout their lives - exciting times, struggles, or just plain day to day jazz. I tried the vloggin and ended up doing more videos of the kids than of me - so I am going to keep that as my kids video log.
     So today I sit and wonder "what do I start with". I am going to start with a little glimpse into my immediate family. This morning Eric (my husband) gave me a big kiss before he headed off to work and even after 11 years of being "together" and 6 years of "married life" - he still makes my heart skip a beat. I have to say I am very lucky to have crossed paths with this amazing man. Granted he CAN and DOES get on my nerves but I love him more each day. So, yes, Eric is my husband - we married in 2005 and started dating my sophomore (his freshman) year of college. He is a Safety Director for a major Construction Company in our city. He loves his job and his company. He has a passion for his career and balances it well with his passion for being a parent. His first love would me ME of course - LOL... Kidding - his children are his world and you would know that if you could spend 1 minute with him around Elle or Wes.

Eric - isn't he studly... I sure think so!!!
Onto Elle Rose - she is our 3 1/2 year old daughter. She is the sparkle in our eyes and the beat of our hearts. This amazing little girl swept us off our feet the day she entered the world. We NEVER knew a love like this before. Now Elle - hum... how do I describe an individual like her. She ROCKS whatever she does - from dancing to Katy Perry to coloring in her Princess coloring books. She is independent, a go getter (well for a 3 year old), and VERY strong willed. Many might call her a "pistol" but she is the "pistol" that could shoot right to your heart and knock you down forever.
Elle Rose - our angel....
Last but not least is our sweet, mild mannered, bumble bee (Wesley Charles). Wes is almost 8 months old. He is so loving and sweet and his two bottom teethed smile will melt your heart. He LOVES his mama, daddy, and sissy so much. He just wants to be everywhere we are. You can feel how much he loves us just being next to him. He is very ACTIVE and on the go - his daycare caregivers call him the "BRUT". He is always on the go and doesn't know the extent of his strength. He will knock you down and then pull your hair on top of it - all the while smiling and looking for the next warm body to hold him. Just thinking about this little guy makes my heart pound a little louder in my chest.
Wesley Charles - our bumble bee...
And then there is ME......... I am 30 years old and a full-time working mom. I am a System Administrator for a major HealthSystem in our city. I absolutely LOVE my job and wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING in the world. Balancing my career and my personal life is a challenge but I feel that I do a pretty darn good job of it.I LOVE to shop, eat sushi, keep up on the fashion trends, hang out with my BFF's, communicate with my online sista mammas, travel, and relish in my amazing family. I am sure as I post more you will understand where my morals and beliefs lie.
Eric and I....

Oh I can't forget.....

Asti Marie - our 6 year old Morkie