Thursday, February 24, 2011

And so it begins....

     Well here I go. I have been reading many friends blogs lately and decided that I would like to have one myself. I love hearing what is going on throughout their lives - exciting times, struggles, or just plain day to day jazz. I tried the vloggin and ended up doing more videos of the kids than of me - so I am going to keep that as my kids video log.
     So today I sit and wonder "what do I start with". I am going to start with a little glimpse into my immediate family. This morning Eric (my husband) gave me a big kiss before he headed off to work and even after 11 years of being "together" and 6 years of "married life" - he still makes my heart skip a beat. I have to say I am very lucky to have crossed paths with this amazing man. Granted he CAN and DOES get on my nerves but I love him more each day. So, yes, Eric is my husband - we married in 2005 and started dating my sophomore (his freshman) year of college. He is a Safety Director for a major Construction Company in our city. He loves his job and his company. He has a passion for his career and balances it well with his passion for being a parent. His first love would me ME of course - LOL... Kidding - his children are his world and you would know that if you could spend 1 minute with him around Elle or Wes.

Eric - isn't he studly... I sure think so!!!
Onto Elle Rose - she is our 3 1/2 year old daughter. She is the sparkle in our eyes and the beat of our hearts. This amazing little girl swept us off our feet the day she entered the world. We NEVER knew a love like this before. Now Elle - hum... how do I describe an individual like her. She ROCKS whatever she does - from dancing to Katy Perry to coloring in her Princess coloring books. She is independent, a go getter (well for a 3 year old), and VERY strong willed. Many might call her a "pistol" but she is the "pistol" that could shoot right to your heart and knock you down forever.
Elle Rose - our angel....
Last but not least is our sweet, mild mannered, bumble bee (Wesley Charles). Wes is almost 8 months old. He is so loving and sweet and his two bottom teethed smile will melt your heart. He LOVES his mama, daddy, and sissy so much. He just wants to be everywhere we are. You can feel how much he loves us just being next to him. He is very ACTIVE and on the go - his daycare caregivers call him the "BRUT". He is always on the go and doesn't know the extent of his strength. He will knock you down and then pull your hair on top of it - all the while smiling and looking for the next warm body to hold him. Just thinking about this little guy makes my heart pound a little louder in my chest.
Wesley Charles - our bumble bee...
And then there is ME......... I am 30 years old and a full-time working mom. I am a System Administrator for a major HealthSystem in our city. I absolutely LOVE my job and wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING in the world. Balancing my career and my personal life is a challenge but I feel that I do a pretty darn good job of it.I LOVE to shop, eat sushi, keep up on the fashion trends, hang out with my BFF's, communicate with my online sista mammas, travel, and relish in my amazing family. I am sure as I post more you will understand where my morals and beliefs lie.
Eric and I....

Oh I can't forget.....

Asti Marie - our 6 year old Morkie


  1. Ooh I guess Im your first comment.
    Have fun blogging! I love it!

  2. Second comment here. Loved seeing little glimpses of your fam!

  3. Last night I read Ashleys blog in its entirety and she stayed up all night reading my comments. Guess whose turn it is??? :-)

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