Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Going to miss my babes...

So this post is going to be about how EXCITED and SAD I am at the same time. I leave this weekend for my annual trip to San Diego, CA. I absolutely have NOT found a more beautiful place to visit in all my life. This trip IS work related but the beauty of San Diego outweighs any work part of it. We are staying in La Jolla (um... can you GET any better - I think NOT!!!) and on the beach at that. I can't wait to hit up the Gaslamp District (Ghiradelli's here I come), have lunch at The Coronado, listen to the beautiful piano playing at La Valencia, sink my face into an In-N-Out Burger, and see some amazing woman who make the trip to San Diego even all the better:)

So with all this being said - I am going to miss my little munchkins. How could you NOT miss these faces:

Now Elle I feel okay with - she can communicate her feelings and I can explain that mommy has to leave and will be back soon. PLUS she loves her daddy/daughter time. But that sweet lipgloss smile will be missed terribly.
Wes, on the other hand, he is still so little and doesn't understand that mommy is leaving for work and WILL be back - he is going to look up at me like this:
and be thinking - WTH Mom???? Awwwwww that sweet chubby cheeked Mister.

Okay so I am going to miss by babes - oh yes and Eric too LOL:) Hello Sunny San Diego (although I have seen you brought hail Ms. Mother Nature - blah.... you better shape up before I get there) and see you soon my sweet little bunnies.


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