Monday, March 14, 2011

Love like no other...

Today's rant is going to be about my darling husband - LOL:) I have to say that I am truly blessed to have found this man.

He may have been the boy who drank too much at the frat parties, spit raps out about ridiculousness, wandered aimlessly not knowing where to go, asked the question "WHAT?" so many times that this became his nickname, rode a bicycle on campus with a holey green back-pack, liked to fight people for no apparent reason, lived in his own little world, etc... BUT he became an exceptional MAN...

Eric and I met in college and we were friends for about a year before we started dating. He was VERY good friends with my bff Beth and they would hang out often at parties and in the dorm. I found Eric attractive, but I was dating someone at the time and that is as far as it went. He was cute but ooooohhhh so NOT my type. Beth would use my car to pick him up from parties - where he did too many keg stands that he was wandering aimlessly outside. Basically that was all I knew about him - the cute guy who lived a TRUE frat life.

As the year went on - Eric and I became friends (and the old boyfriend and I broke up) and I decided that Eric needed to find a good girl to help "set him on the right path". One night, at Smitty's, I was determined to help him find a girl that was level-headed, going in the "right" direction, and cute too. Well Mr. Eric had different intentions. I told him to find ANY girl in the bar that he found attractive and I would be his "wing woman" - well the next few words out of his mouth (looking back) began our 11 years of being together. Eric's game was spat - he replied with "I have my eye on one girl in here". I was like okay well who - and then the big "YOU" came out of his mouth. BAAAAAAAH HHHHHHHAH - just thinking about it now makes me crack up. His game was so great right? LOL

Well we dated for over 3 years, got engaged and were engaged for 2 years, and now married almost 6 years. I never in my wildest dreams would of imagined Eric would be as loving, caring, and genuine as the man he has become. He LOVES me to pieces and not ONE day goes by that he doesn't remind me of it - by his words, gestures, or just plain look in his eyes. He really is amazing and always make ME feel amazing.

And to sum up my sappy rant on my loving husband - I could NOT have asked for someone to be a better father. His children are his world. He is VERY affectionate to each of them and ALWAYS shows them that expressing your feelings is the BEST way to go. He teaches them that communication is KEY to any relationship and that they could come to HIM with anything and he would NOT judge - he might not like what they have to say but he will love them unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT. He encourages feelings - the feeling to cry, laugh, dance, sing, rap (LOL), be angry, be sad, etc... Elle adores her father and he is "SUPERMAN" to her - he is her everything. Wes lights up when Eric enters a room and crawls right up to him to be held by this strong man. Our kids are blessed to have him as a "daddy".

So today I say to the world - I LOVE MY HUSBAND and the love we share is LOVE LIKE NO OTHER. Thank you God for letting our paths cross and for allowing me to experience TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Mel and Eric - Preggo with Wesley


  1. Awww Melanie. That was sweet :)

  2. I'm all emotional too. Eric sounds so rad! I'm really happy for you Mel.

    Of course anyone named Eric is bound to be rad!

  3. Thanks girls - I do love that dude LOL:)

  4. Hot even when pregnant. damn you!

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