Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random thoughts today....

So today's post is about NOTHING but a few thoughts that have been running through my head.

1.  How come I sit and daydream the majority of my day away?
2.  Why do I obsess about what I am going to wear this weekend on our sister-in-law night out?
3.  Why do I feel the NEED (yes a real NEED) to buy myself something new?
4.  Why are dinner preparations top of my priority list EVERYDAY?
5.  Why does drama seem to follow certain people?
6.  Should I get my hair professionally done (as I normally do) or should I attempt an "at home" job - save some cash?
7.  Why do certain people make my skin crawl - and why can't I put on my "happy face" and just let it ride?

Okay enough random thoughts... For real today is a whirlwind of "thinking" and not sure why - might be related to the POT of coffee I drank this morning - but it was MIGHTY good...

Side-note:  I put on a pair of pants that hasn't fit in 9 months - YAY!!!!!!! I am starting to feel GOOD and I LOVE IT. So day 9 of my low carb diet and doing great - I am down about 7 lbs. I can't believe just cutting out "sugars" can do that... I am well on my way back to the ole Mel...

Today's Picture - a picture that sums up how I feel....
By the way this is a random pic - NOT ME in the picture..


  1. Some people make my skin crawl too! Maybe you think about dinner everyday because the low carb diet has your body in ketosis (a good thing), but your mind keeps going back to the carbs?

    OR, maybe it's because dinner is when you'll get to be with your family!!!

  2. I love random thoughts! And way to go on the low carb diet! That must be so hard!