Friday, April 29, 2011


Well all here you have it -  I am so fascinated with the Royal Wedding. I woke up at 4 am to watch the procession in, the ceremony, the procession out, the procession to the palace, etc... and then I had to leave for work before the kiss - DANG IT!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I DVR'd the whole thing.....

Okay brief fav parts and my thoughts on the dress...

Fav Parts:
     -  LOVED the flower girls and the boys choir... ADORBS.
     -  The ring being a bugger to get on the Duchess of Cambridge - AKA Kate;)
     -  Elton John and Joss Stone.
     -  The small glances and smiles between Catherine and William during the ceremony.
     -  PIPPA - enough said - BEA....UTIFUL.
     -  Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice hats - SWEET MOTHER MAY I......
     -  The entire CEREMONIAL MUSIC. I balled at almost all the songs - literally balled - tears of greatness.
     -  Princess Catherine getting out of the carriage and checking her train before entering the Palace.
     -  The sounds of the crowd - awe inspiring... especially when the newlyweds exited and appeared for the first time outside.

Okay I could go on and on - but it was just wonderful - My favorite part was when Elle woke up and we snuggled and she watched HISTORY in the making and then proceeded to tell me "she is not a princess until her wedding day". Oh honey - she was THE princess - OUR princess the moment she entered this world.

Okay the Dress - I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear some people GOT to be kidding me when they dis the dress - GET OVER IT you jealous peeps - LOL... Kidding - well kind of.

The dress was beautiful. Simple, Elegant, Royal, and PERFECT for the occasion. Fitted up top with a softening at the end. Pure ELEGANCE!!! Her earrings were phenomenal - thanks to Mom and Pops Middleton. Her hair was flawless and her make-up - NATURAL and BEAUTIFUL - thanks to the Duchess for doing it herself - PERFECTION!!!!!

I love this DAY and am so glad I witnessed HISTORY in the making and my last comment is HAIL DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE oh yes and Prince William too - LOL........ YAY for a GREAT DAY!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Well another Blessed Easter has passed and we are so excited to share our pics. We had a wonderful morning where the Easter Bunny hid Elle and Wes's baskets - Elle found her's filled with tons of candy, an umbrella, stickers, and a snuggly pair of socks. She helped Wes find his basket and he enjoyed his new radio toy and skull shirt - LOL...

We packed up the car and headed to my Mom's for breakfast - we ate donuts and bacon, egg, and cheese croissants. The kids played and opened yet MORE baskets of goodies and special surprises. We enjoyed relaxing with Tammy and my brother and catching up on one another's lives..

In the afternoon - we all got dressed up and headed to Aunt Lauren and Uncle Dan's for the evening festivities. The kids wore their matching outfits and I LOVED IT - of course:)

We waited for the Easter Bunny and he came and put the Eggs all over Aunt Lauren's upstairs (it was too rainy for his soft paws to place the eggs outside) - the kids were off for the race...

We had a beautiful meal with family and friends and felt so blessed to have our wonderful family so close to us.
Enjoy a few more pics of Easter...

Thank you GOD for all you have given us and for sacrificing for ALL of YOUR children.

Sneak Peak... BIRDS!!!!

A small preview of Sarah's Bachelorette this weekend. Will post more later....
Beth, Bridget, Me, Sarah (Bride to Be), Kerry, and Lisa

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey Hey Hey... Well thought I would write about how I am LOVING - capital L.....O.V.I.N.G. that Elle and Wes are now going to daycare with their cousin Will. Will started at Goddard last Thursday and is only going two days a week until after the summer (my SIL is a teacher) - then we will be going Tuesday through Thursday.

So Thursday was his first day and my SIL dropped him off around 7am - we went to school late because I had a Dentist appt - so we got there around 8am. We dropped Wes off in his room and then I took Elle to visit Will - he was sitting nicely at his table feeding Elmo his breakfast (ADORBS) he got soooooo excited to see Elle and they hugged and snuggled for a bit. Then we had to leave and drop Elle off in her class. Will teared up and it broke my heart and I think Elle's too. That afternoon - Wes was standing up in his crib and through the window (Will's class is next to his) he could see Will and they were waving to one another. Will's first day went great.. Friday Wes visited Will's class and they were hanging out for awhile then Will visited Elle when my SIL went to pick him up and Elle jumped out of her chair and gave him a kiss - all the while telling the rest of her class that they could NOT kiss him because he was HER cousin. LOL

This weekend we had Will and my BIL & SIL over on Saturday - it was 90 degrees out so we broke out the kids water table and they played for 4 hours straight - all three of them. We had a blast - us and the kids. We had some nice cocktails, Eric's parents stopped by to see the kids, we bbq'd some burgers and enjoyed one another's company.

LOVING COUSINS.... can't wait for more.

Elle, Will, Uncle Dan, and Wes


Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey everybody - feels like forever I have updated. I got back from San Diego last Wednesday - but actually feel back to normal (time change) as of today. Had a wonderful time and did ALL the great things I spoke about before. I met with my wonderful friends Ella and Charlotte - it was a blast and I can't thank them enough for their hospitality. A few pics from San Diego and Charlotte's boat:
Charlotte's Backyard!!!!!!

Charlotte's LOVELY home...

Charlotte, Mel, Ella
So I also had a BUSY BUSY weekend. Friday I didn't do too much - watched Tangled with Elle (LOVED IT!!!) and basically just hung out with the family. Saturday took Wes to his 9 month appt - yes that boy is 9 months. He is totally normal and doing great - 21 lbs / 28 inches long / and his head is normal (BAH HAH)! He has two bottom teeth - two top fangs - and his front top teeth are poking through today. He waves bye bye - can KIND OF do "so big" - eats regular food ONLY now - NO more jars - YAY!!!! He is about ready to walk ANY minute and basically has stole my heart <3 I love that little bumble bee so much - what a precious gift and wonderful joy, I am so glad God blessed with a girl and a boy.

Okay so after the doc visit - we had Goddard's Easter Egg Hunt - Elle had a blast hunting eggs with her friend Mary - then came time to open the eggs and get the "surprises" out. Well Mary and Elle decided to share a basket - so that means they had to "share" the eggs - well they did good up until the ONLY egg with the chocolate wrapped egg in it - then the "melt down" occurred. We had to regroup and the girls had to apologize to one another - then we ate food in the Rainbow room together and Mary left for a fun filled afternoon at Jimmy John's with her dad. Wes basically gnawed on the eggs and watched Elle and Mary's tiff - he is so "go with the flow". We also hung with cousin Will and enjoyed helping him drink chocolate milk and spill it on his nice new white shoes - Sorry buddy:)  Sorry only 1 pic from the egg hunt - too involved with the melt down and running around chasing the girls and Wes (Eric stayed home and mowed the grass).

Elle, Mommy, and Wes
 OKAY so the reason I say WARMTH is because on Sunday April 3, 2011 - St. Louis broke a record with the temperature hitting 90 degrees - YAY!!!!!!!! We played outside ALL day and I got some really good pics of the kids and Asti, that I would like to share. We had a picnic in the yard - put our feet in the grass barefoot - taught Elle to play golf with her new golf clubs - watched Wes try to eat leaves - rode our bikes - and had a DANCE party... What a great weekend and I want more WARMTH...

Elle Rose

Soak up that sun girl

Wes Man...

Mookie Cookie - Asti...