Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey Hey Hey... Well thought I would write about how I am LOVING - capital L.....O.V.I.N.G. that Elle and Wes are now going to daycare with their cousin Will. Will started at Goddard last Thursday and is only going two days a week until after the summer (my SIL is a teacher) - then we will be going Tuesday through Thursday.

So Thursday was his first day and my SIL dropped him off around 7am - we went to school late because I had a Dentist appt - so we got there around 8am. We dropped Wes off in his room and then I took Elle to visit Will - he was sitting nicely at his table feeding Elmo his breakfast (ADORBS) he got soooooo excited to see Elle and they hugged and snuggled for a bit. Then we had to leave and drop Elle off in her class. Will teared up and it broke my heart and I think Elle's too. That afternoon - Wes was standing up in his crib and through the window (Will's class is next to his) he could see Will and they were waving to one another. Will's first day went great.. Friday Wes visited Will's class and they were hanging out for awhile then Will visited Elle when my SIL went to pick him up and Elle jumped out of her chair and gave him a kiss - all the while telling the rest of her class that they could NOT kiss him because he was HER cousin. LOL

This weekend we had Will and my BIL & SIL over on Saturday - it was 90 degrees out so we broke out the kids water table and they played for 4 hours straight - all three of them. We had a blast - us and the kids. We had some nice cocktails, Eric's parents stopped by to see the kids, we bbq'd some burgers and enjoyed one another's company.

LOVING COUSINS.... can't wait for more.

Elle, Will, Uncle Dan, and Wes


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