Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Well another Blessed Easter has passed and we are so excited to share our pics. We had a wonderful morning where the Easter Bunny hid Elle and Wes's baskets - Elle found her's filled with tons of candy, an umbrella, stickers, and a snuggly pair of socks. She helped Wes find his basket and he enjoyed his new radio toy and skull shirt - LOL...

We packed up the car and headed to my Mom's for breakfast - we ate donuts and bacon, egg, and cheese croissants. The kids played and opened yet MORE baskets of goodies and special surprises. We enjoyed relaxing with Tammy and my brother and catching up on one another's lives..

In the afternoon - we all got dressed up and headed to Aunt Lauren and Uncle Dan's for the evening festivities. The kids wore their matching outfits and I LOVED IT - of course:)

We waited for the Easter Bunny and he came and put the Eggs all over Aunt Lauren's upstairs (it was too rainy for his soft paws to place the eggs outside) - the kids were off for the race...

We had a beautiful meal with family and friends and felt so blessed to have our wonderful family so close to us.
Enjoy a few more pics of Easter...

Thank you GOD for all you have given us and for sacrificing for ALL of YOUR children.

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