Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey everybody - feels like forever I have updated. I got back from San Diego last Wednesday - but actually feel back to normal (time change) as of today. Had a wonderful time and did ALL the great things I spoke about before. I met with my wonderful friends Ella and Charlotte - it was a blast and I can't thank them enough for their hospitality. A few pics from San Diego and Charlotte's boat:
Charlotte's Backyard!!!!!!

Charlotte's LOVELY home...

Charlotte, Mel, Ella
So I also had a BUSY BUSY weekend. Friday I didn't do too much - watched Tangled with Elle (LOVED IT!!!) and basically just hung out with the family. Saturday took Wes to his 9 month appt - yes that boy is 9 months. He is totally normal and doing great - 21 lbs / 28 inches long / and his head is normal (BAH HAH)! He has two bottom teeth - two top fangs - and his front top teeth are poking through today. He waves bye bye - can KIND OF do "so big" - eats regular food ONLY now - NO more jars - YAY!!!! He is about ready to walk ANY minute and basically has stole my heart <3 I love that little bumble bee so much - what a precious gift and wonderful joy, I am so glad God blessed with a girl and a boy.

Okay so after the doc visit - we had Goddard's Easter Egg Hunt - Elle had a blast hunting eggs with her friend Mary - then came time to open the eggs and get the "surprises" out. Well Mary and Elle decided to share a basket - so that means they had to "share" the eggs - well they did good up until the ONLY egg with the chocolate wrapped egg in it - then the "melt down" occurred. We had to regroup and the girls had to apologize to one another - then we ate food in the Rainbow room together and Mary left for a fun filled afternoon at Jimmy John's with her dad. Wes basically gnawed on the eggs and watched Elle and Mary's tiff - he is so "go with the flow". We also hung with cousin Will and enjoyed helping him drink chocolate milk and spill it on his nice new white shoes - Sorry buddy:)  Sorry only 1 pic from the egg hunt - too involved with the melt down and running around chasing the girls and Wes (Eric stayed home and mowed the grass).

Elle, Mommy, and Wes
 OKAY so the reason I say WARMTH is because on Sunday April 3, 2011 - St. Louis broke a record with the temperature hitting 90 degrees - YAY!!!!!!!! We played outside ALL day and I got some really good pics of the kids and Asti, that I would like to share. We had a picnic in the yard - put our feet in the grass barefoot - taught Elle to play golf with her new golf clubs - watched Wes try to eat leaves - rode our bikes - and had a DANCE party... What a great weekend and I want more WARMTH...

Elle Rose

Soak up that sun girl

Wes Man...

Mookie Cookie - Asti...


  1. Awww, love that pic of Wes on the grass. It was so good to see you!

  2. So glad you got back safe, and sound, and had a great trip!!! Love your pictures!

  3. I love your grass. I know random. im a barefoot girl though!