Monday, May 9, 2011

Easy Breezy...

Well let the official Summer festivities begin. What - What!!! I blink and Spring is ALMOST gone. I swear it feels like after the long hellacious months of winter, Spring and Summer just come and go in the blink of an eye. With Easter and now Mother's day behind us - the summer festivities are in full swing. May we have my dear friend Sarah's wedding and Memorial Day. Yes that is in 2 weeks I tell you - just nutz!!!!

June has about 3 birthdays, Father's Day, a backyard bbq Eric planned (I know my own fault for going along with it), and a School Picnic or 2 thrown in the mix.. oh wait - did I mention a work trip to Cleveland, OH too. AGH!!!!!!!!

 July has my darling son's 1st Birthday, Eric's B-day, 4th of July, friends/family b-days and bbq's. Oh I am sure I am missing a few things that will pop up along the way

August rears it head with Elle's 4th b-day, my birthday, my 2 nephew's birthdays, swim parties, park dates, etc... and then SCHOOL starts again.

What is happening my friends - where is the time going? Why is it after 28 - life has speed up so fast that I have to remember to sit back and breathe? Why are my kids so big already - one will start kindergarten so soon **tear** and the other is walking and soon to be (well maybe) talking? Why is it that Eric and I can't get our arms around this crazy life? All we can do watch time fly around us and love the life we have been given.

Well - hats off to an Easy Breezy Summer - BA HA HA:)

Mother's Day 2011 Photos below...
Steve and Eric

Wesley Man 10 months...

The Party

Will, Elle, Paw Paw Rocky


  1. I'm already overwhelmed by my summer and it hasn't even started yet. I hear ya girl!