Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay I don't have much to write about lately (or the time) - all the summer festivities have begun and Mr. Wes man just got his first virus - FUN let me tell you.... So I will update quickly on what has been going on and then blurt out my plan for the next couple of weeks.

So two weekends ago we went on our FIRST family overnight trip to Paw Paw Johnson's cabin in Danville. It was fun - we ALL rode the big RANGER and climbed up in the deer stands (not my idea) - we had a marshmallow roast, sang songs, watched 101 Dalmatians and Cinderella a million times, had to physically gate Wes out of the kitchen and the loft stairs, listened to the rain on the windows, ate EVERYTHING in sight, stayed up all night listening to Paw Paw snore, watched Wes's head pop up and down all night in his pack n play, broke the stove lock and then had to crowbar it open to get the green bean casserole out, watched Elle eat about 20 Popsicles, drank some Pinot Noir, made a huge breakfast with good ole fatty grease (LOL), and honestly LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! Yes peeps that all happened in ONE night. We were exhausted when we got home - but it was so nice to watch the kids play and goof and spend time with my Dad.

Before we left - Eric took Elle to the Cards game the Thursday before - she took her friend in class Julianne and her Daddy went - so it was Daddy/Daughter night watching our beloved CARDS!!! Thank you Fred Weber (Daddy's work) for the tickets... The girls had so much fun - they danced, screamed, ate hot dogs/pretzels/cotton candy and drank caffeinated soda - LOL... By the end of the 7th after singing "take me out to the ball game" they asked if they could go - they were exhausted. You know that cotton candy brings you UP and then drops you like a ball - LOL... So fun that Elle got her first friend outing with Daddy - our Daddy is the BEST - no for realz he is:)

So then last Wednesday (May 18th) was Elle's Ballet Recital. Daddy, Mommy, Wes, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor (my parents), and Maw Maw Rocky (Eric's mom) all got gussied up and took Ms. Elle Bell to her BIG performance. She was in RARE form - acting snotty and putting on a show before it EVEN began. We all went backstage (which was the kitchen of the Knights of Columbus hall - LOL) and got our costumes on and our hair re-done. Then the little ballerinas tiptoed out to the stage. Elle sat down in her spot and started holding her crotch - yes she had to PEE!!!!!! So I had to get her and have her hurry up and go potty. She then went back in her spot and started dancing. Elle likes to put her OWN performance on - while people were in first position - Elle was twirling. While the girls were balancing - Elle was doing butt bombs. When it was quiet - Elle would shout out "Don't look at me" and then wave and smile like "yeah you better be looking". When you were supposed to say something - Elle would put on a pout face. When you were supposed to be graceful and beautiful - Elle was skipping and slipping all over the place. Okay so you see - she is her OWN person and that is why I WOULDN'T CHANGE HER FOR ANYTHING. Let her goof off - let her follow her own production - let her act like a nut-ball - she follows her HEART and her OWN LEAD and I LOVE IT...

Okay so then Thursday I get a call at work that Wes was running a temp - not like 99 - it was 102. So I went and got him - he wasn't cranky (moaning a bit) he just had this fever, it continued on Friday (Daddy worked the morning and came home in the afternoon - then Mommy went to work and Daddy stayed home). Eric had a friends b-day party Friday night and Wes's fever spiked to 104 - I freaked. I threw him in the bath and it finally came down - now mind you the Tylenol was NOT bringing it down. So Saturday I called his Ped and Daddy took him in.. His ears were beautiful but his throat was fire red - he tested negative for Strep - so guess what that means??? Yep NO MEDS!!!!!!!!! Nice virus attacked my sweet little man. So Saturday was his last day of the fever - then Sunday and Monday - WATCH OUT....... He was the biggest BEAR on the planet - he cried and whined and NOTHING would make him happy. It was CRAZY!!!!!! I just held and rocked him and tried to keep him calm. So this morning, Eric and I looked at one another before opening his door to get him up for school and when we did - HE SMILED!!!!!! The first smile in days.. he is BACK!!!!!! Our Mr. Wes is back - thank you Jesus... LOL

So the rest of the week/weekend goes like this - Wednesday night - meet my friend Angie for coffee - Thursday night get my hair done. Friday - NOTHING. Saturday day - take Elle to SFA School Picnic - evening = Sarah's rehearsal dinner at Guido's. Sunday be at Beth's at 10:00 a.m. for the wedding festivities to begin - Sunday night is the wedding. Monday is a fish fry at my Mom's and then back to work on Tuesday.
AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then it is JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more month until my sweet bumble bee is 1. Just one more month.

Okay this was long and probably boring - but hey this is what I have been up to - C.R.A.Z.Y. and it ain't slowing down.


  1. Mel, you are so sweet. I love reading about your family shinanigans.
    Elle is truly adorable and beautiful. I love that you love that she is herself. You are an amazing mama <3

  2. That cabin trip sounds like so much fun and I loved your description of Elle's recital. I had already looked at all the photos, so to hear the back story was awesome!

  3. Please tell me you have the video of her performance. please.