Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from Cleveland, OH

Well my darling friends - I visited Cleveland, Ohio last week for a Conference, and I thought a good recap would be suitable. I flew out on Tuesday afternoon and decided to NOT pop my Dramamine - since the flight is ONLY an hour and ten minutes. Now people I get motion sickness just swinging on the swings at the park - so this was a huge feat for me. The weather SUCKED on Tuesday so the turbulence was intense but guess what - I MADE IT and I was not all groggy and doped up like I usually am when my flight lands. THANK GOD!!!!!!!

I didn't get to Cleveland until around 9:00 pm on Tuesday - so off I went with my lovely boss to our hotel - we had a nice late dinner at C2 in the Hotel and then headed to our rooms to get some shuteye. We stayed at the Intercontinental Suites Hotel Cleveland - LOVELY. I had a separate living room attached to my King sized bedroom and a nice huge bathroom with a Keuring coffee maker (A MUST) and a kitchenette. It was clean and the turn down service each night was superb - if you are ever in the area - check it out Intercontinental Suites Hotel - Cleveland

So we had the conference all day Wednesday, Thursday, and the morning of Friday at the Cleveland Clinic - what a stellar campus:) Amazing lush greens surround this HUGE campus - gorgeous water features and beautiful rooms for the conference. It was an honor to visit this Health System.

Not all the trip was business as usual - LOL.. We visited the Aurora Farms Premium Outlet Mall - check out the Outlet Mall - it was GREAT!!!!!! I bought a new Coach purse and my first pair of skinny jeans from Michael Kors - WOOT WOOT!!! Now what kind of mother would I be if I didn't bring something home for my bunnies - I bought Elle an adorable pink dress from Gymboree and this awesome white headband - she loved loved LOVED IT!! Wes - well he got a new book - boys clothes are so hard for me - they either have characters on them or the colors are so muted - NOT COOL. I am PICKY when it comes to his clothes and it takes me FOREVER to find anything for him. AND Eric got stiffed - he got nothing - lol... So the outlet mall was a success.

We ate at Austin's Steakhouse one night - we sat outside on the patio - it was such a nice evening. We had lunch at John Q's one day and this adorable lighthouse called  Don's LightHouse Grille  another afternoon - it was great cuisine. I indulged in the Chicken Ravioli - it was heaven.

We visited BA Sweetie candy store - you know me and sweets - YUM!!!! Check it out my dears - SWEET LORDY...

I picked up some nice digs for Wes's b-day party next weekend - going with the bee theme - can't wait!!!

Finally we toured "The Christmas Story" house - it was EPIC. I met Randy - YAY!!!!!! The youngest brother who screamed his head off while going down the slide - it was hilarious to walk through and see the leg lamp..

Randy eating like a piggy...
Okay so Cleveland ROCKED (pun intended Mr. Drew Carey) - I had a great time - the conference was very informational - and I purchased a few fantastic items. Continental airlines got me home safe and my little bunny faces greeted me at the door. Oh 1 more great thing - it was Marine weekend in St. Louis so when I got back to Lambert Airport I was able to stare at some handsome men in their white uniforms - I might be purchasing one of those uniforms for Eric - LOL...