Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheer exhaustion...

Okay peeps I am tired - just plain ole tired. I had to get it out there. Tired of...

- People acting nice and then turning around and making rude remarks behind your back (talk the talk peeps)

- Others trying to sell you on their parenting style or child rearing - (my style is the Mel style - like it or lump it)

-  Always wondering what "might have been" or the "what if's" - I need to realize the "what if's" are so over-rated.

-  Eating an un-healthy snack and thinking "well, just place that one on my hip".

-  Cicadas - yes those dang, pesky, disgusting bugs that only come every 13 years - thanks 2011 for being that year -ugh....

-  Trash day being one day off when a Holiday falls in the week - WHAT? Okay yes I forget each time and the trash has to come in at night - so drag out, drag in, and BACK OUT AGAIN. Ugh...

-  Those flower handbands or small bows being worn by girls over 16 - sorry NOT A FAN!

-  LYING!!!!!!! yes just plain ole lying in general. All lies do is cause heartache - who wants to hurt someone's heart - COME ON!!!!!

-  Boys/Mens pants that sag down to their ankles - no-one wants to see that - for realz NO ONE!

-  Neighbors who are outside and don't wave - GET OVER YOURSELVES, waving doesn't equal dinner dates at each other's houses - it is just a friendly gesture.

-  Parents who sit around on their bb's or I-phones at the park/playground/etc... while their child is beating the bajesus out of the kid next to them. COME ON - watch your kids. I know it can be hard and a little "me time" is needed - but just glance up at intervals.

-  Teenage kids who think it is "cool" to use every cussword on the planet when their parents are NOT around - in front of my 4 and 1 year old. CUSSING IS NOT COOL - at least say "What the F" instead of using the real word. ANNOYING and YES I will be calling you out and you will NOT win.

-  People who think it is okay to ask your salary or how much your house was - NOT OKAY unless you are a family member then I tolerate it - I DON'T like it.. I tolerate it because my family is filled with crazies (including myself).

-  Those parents who think their 6 month old is a genius because he/she said "ba" and you tell everyone they sang "ba ba black sheep" in its entirety. Bragging on your kid is a MUST, but be realistic.

-  People commenting on who your child looks like - you or the father - they look like themselves so move on.

Okay I could go and on today - I am on a roll. I am such a sunny positive person but today - I AM JUST PLAIN ANNOYED TIRED..


  1. this post cracked me up!!! I agree with it all 100%. As Char said, "LET IT OUT!!!"
    A good ranting is always in order :)