Monday, June 13, 2011

Swim Suit Success

Okay so over the weekend my goal was to find a swimming suit for my 30 year old, mama of 2 body. I have been doing PRETTY well with the baby weight loss - I have 8 more lbs to go and I am pretty happy where I am now... but would be EXTREMELY happy with a loss of 8 more lbs.

So I drug my booty to Macy's and Dillards to find a well-made and long lasting "MOM" suit - LOL... Yep that is right peeps I am ditching the bikini and now will be sporting a TANKINI! I tried on about 20 suits at Macy's and "meh" they all pretty much SUCKED! I did, however, find a super cute pair of black bottoms with these adorable ruffles on them, but I can't go top-less in our backyard (now we are on a corner lot people). HA HA HA!

So I ditched Macy's and headed to Dillards - HOLLA - their selection RULED! I tried on about 20 more suits and I really liked the one shoulder look and the ruffled/skirty bottom. So after trying on 19 suits - I put on the last one and VOILA... I went home with a Jantzen (totally NOT one shouldered or ruffly)...

Mine is shaped like this one but the color and pattern is different and I can't find mine ANYWHERE on the internet - even at - hum... Guess it is a "Mel Original" HAHAHA!!! Mine is an aqua and white top and aqua bottom - super CUTE!!

Well I am officially an owner of a MOM suit and honestly it doesn't feel as hideous as I thought it would - now will I be buying a van next?????

I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Summer you lovely Bunnies...


  1. Don't knock the van until you tried it. You'll never go back... :) Love that you had a successful trip! Gives the rest of us hope :)