Monday, August 15, 2011

My favorite part...

Okay today's post is going to be random and something that is "on my mind". I know... I bet you  will know what I have been thinking about all day - after reading this. So I pose the question - what do you LOVE most about your other half/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, etc? So I am going to break this down into the "physical" and the "not physical". Then I will end with my LEAST favorite..

Okay my favorite physical part would have to be the neck - the good ole fashion Traps. I love a good thick trap on a man - hahahahaha:) Okay that was sick... BUT I do. When those neck muscles flare up like a big peacock - OMG sick again - I am on a roll today. I love a good neck that when you hug, you can feel, and it makes you feel safe. The upper back and trapezoids on a guy - will make me melt all the time. I love big upper bodies. Look at SWEET ole Goldberg (oh you didn't know I LOVED wrestling - well add that to the list of Mel surprises - hehehe). Yep he has a great neck - face well that is another story.

Okay "non-physical" part - I am big on a guy being able to go out and be-friend others. I am very much into a man who can "fend for himself" in social situations. I love to be out with my family/friends, and having a guy sit next to me the ENTIRE time and go everywhere I go - "yeah not gonna happen". I admire a guy who is confident enough to strike up a conversation with strangers - yet glance and wink at me from the other side of the room. I really admire confidence but in a sweet gentle way. Yes that is a HUGE plus for me.

Oh did I mention that my husband has BOTH of these qualities - hehehehe - I think I struck gold. Oh except for my LEAST favorite attribute - crusty feet. HAHAHAHAHA. Ya know the runner/work out/work out in the yard/walk a ton barefoot/wear boots/etc.. kind of feet. The scaley gross kind with sweet "hair toes". HAHAHAHA - YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep he has this one too. HAHAHA. At least he tries and puts lotion on them once in awhile. SICK!!!!!!! I think I just don't like feet in general - they are all so sick. Well I have to take that back - I love baby feet - Wes's are so cute right now - Eric's NOT SO MUCH!!!!!

Well those were some random things for today - yep LOVE traps and gentle confidence - don't really care for feet - hehehehe - "What up Monday?"!!!


  1. I love thick, strong thighs on a man. OoooHhh yeah! And nice forearms, my MY ERic has got both. Score!

  2. Charlotte made me tell her, so I should write it here too!

    Hands - I really appreciate rough man hands, hands that have done hard work (even if it is just around the house) and show it. I really, really, really have a hard time accepting the thought of a man with soft, moisturized hands.

    A Humble Guy - I feel like a "real man" is frequently portraited as a shit shooting, kissing and telling, inflamed ego guy. I love guys that go out of their way to do amazing things for people (even if it is just helping their grandma, or neighbor with the car) and don't HAVE to earn a gold medal for their good deeds, they do it because that is what they should do and nothing more - no pat on the back required.

    Okay, I am pretty sure I am just telling you what I love about Gray BUT even if it wasn't Gray...RAWR!