Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What brings you back?

I am sitting here listening to my music and working away and things from the past keep popping in my head... I find it very interesting that certain songs, smells, tastes, pictures, etc... can take you back to your past. I thought it would be fitting to reminisce and disclose some things that "bring me back".

-  "The Toadies" - yes the good ole band and anything from their "Rubberneck" album. You could play any song off there and I pretty much head back to high-school.

- "Candlebox" - listening to this band for hours in my room turned up super loud - crying to songs that resonated with me and jamming out to others - and an honorable mention to No Doubt - man.. "Just a Girl" was one always on "repeat"!!!

-  The smell of "Gus's Pretzels" - reminds me of grade school and the days they would bring in the pretzels and you could buy them for a quarter. YUM!!!!!

-  Just seeing any kid in an uniform brings back my "private school" memories of waking up in the morning - throwing on my jumper/skirt, brushing my hair and teeth and running out the door - not worrying about what other's thought about my looks. Oh and making sure my skirt was "finger tip length" - LOL... I was sent home once for that - thanks Sr. Maureen!!!

- The smell of our high-school gym during one of our dances. I can vividly remember the smell of the decorations, the wood floor, and sweat all rolled into one - ahhhh the good ole times. I love dressing up!

-  When I see a Blue Pontiac Sunbird - reminds me of soccer practice - not sure where that connection is made but my mind goes there. My first car was fun:)

-  The smell of fried chicken takes me back to my first job (when I was 15 1/2) at Lemmons Restaurant - it might have been a blue haired establishment but the chicken and lemon meringue pie were FABULOUS!!! Man.. I really wish I could still get that chicken. I remember being he hostess and watching everyone out the window in the front - still love to "people watch".

Purple Passion - nuff said.. LOL

-  The smell of snow always takes me back to Beth's mom's house on New Years Eve and drinking champagne for the 1st time - ummm thanks Tony!!!! LOL.. Good sweet bubbly..

- I can remember the smell of Carondelet Park - walking many nights through there... to/from Beth's house and many, many, many other memories there - some pleasant and some not so much.

- Bridget's basement/pool - just that thought puts a smile on my face. Wonderful memories there!!!

- Any big square pizza (not IMOS) brings me back to PIZZA DAY in high school - my favorite day in the cafeteria.

- The smell of fingernail polish (formaldehyde) reminds me of dissecting that frog/sheeps eye/and pig - I know sick and it is hard for me to go into nail shop because of it. LOL

-  I can still remember the smell of The Offsets - water/beer/trash all rolled into one - hahaha:) Good times.. good times... Ohhhh someone burning a hole in my backseat - ha ha ha:)

- Every time I see a holey green backpack - brings me back to college and meeting Eric riding his bike with his backpack on. SWEET!!!!

- Dirty mop/cigarette smell brings me back to the Star Bar and college nights waiting for Eric to get off after his "bouncing" gig... HA HA HA

- I can still remember the smell of Ellis Dorm - weird... and doing Tae Bo in the halls - ba ha ha...

- Clinque Happy has Beth's name written ALL over it. Never fails every time I smell it - Beth is in my head.

- Oh and the smell and feel the morning of "breakfast of champions" - I loved that morning!!! GO MULES!

Okay Okay Okay.. I could go on for years.... So what brings you back?

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