Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almost 3 months...


It has been almost 3 months since I last wrote and boy things have been a whirlwind around here. The Fall brought more activities than I can imagine, then November we had our huge work conference that WE host and that takes up soooooooo much of my time. So I am finally sitting down here in December to start blogging again. GAH!!!! I didn't realize how hard this can be to keep up with.

So let me give some updates with our family. Umm... let's see... Elle first - she is the oldest you know - LOL - okay we visited kindergarten's for her and started that whole process. She turns 5 August 17th so she misses the cut off to start kindergarten in the public school next year - however we could get her tested into kindergarten in private school early. So after long talks and round and round about - we decided to keep her in daycare an extra year and she will start private school the Fall 2013. She will be one of the oldest in her class - but who is to say that is a "bad" thing - right? Eric and I feel happy with our decision and are excited to see her in her little uniform.. YAY!!! She has grown leaps and bounds this year - she knows all of her letters and writes them all too - she is starting to sound out words and spell them. She really is becoming more of a little girl than are baby girl. GAH!!!!!!! Love her:)

Okay Wesley... let's see - he had a few illnesses over the fall and winter - boo:( Scared the bejeezus out of us but he recoups so well - he is such a little fighter. He is ALL boy - hits, throws, kicks, and loves to destroy things. He is REALLY into books and banging on things with sticks and wands - LOL.. He is REALLY starting to talk now - he says pretty many words and is now starting to try and put two words together. Like this morning - it is St. Nick's Day and he TRIED to say St. Nick - sounded more like Sa Ne - but it works for me! His little jaws make me want to kiss him a million times a day:)

Onto Eric - he is doing well, working HARD and still working out and watching movies - his two freakin passions. BLAH... HAHAHA:) He has started to READ - I know can you believe it.. He reads books - not two pages but WHOLE BOOKS! He loves business success stories and "how to be" books. He just read "Crunch Point" and is onto something else like that now. Who knows? He is done with the yard now that winter is here - so he has extra time on his hands.. HAHAHAHA. Love him!

Okay Me - well me.... let's see I finally feel myself coming up for air. Work has been CRAZY these past few months and home life seems just as crazy. November conference consumed about 6 months of my life - prepping, planning, having it, and then recouping from. Oh and my laptop was stolen there - NOT COOL!!! So on the tail end of that... I host Thanksgiving - a 20+ person holiday at my house. FUN HUH? No it is and when I look back - it makes me happy but all leading up to is CRAZY... With Wes's few illnesses and then Elle's dance every week - the weekends were spent visiting family, cleaning, laundering, getting Christmas shopping going, and soaking up my family.

Oh and all the while I have been eating OUT OF CONTROL. It truthfully is REDONKULOUS!!!!!! So Monday I woke up and thought NO MORE!!! I am finished - I need to take control of my life again and keeping my body healthy is just one part of it. So I woke my bum up at 4am worked out and ran and have been eating well. SO YAY!!! It is a start right? Now to keep this up until Christmas - then Christmas I will indulge again.. Then January it is "on like donkey kong". I vow by March I will be back to my normal size - if not smaller.. AND I will be training for a half marathon in April - so excited about that:) If you are wondering why March is so important? I will be heading back to sunny San Diego for work and guess who is coming with - ERIC!!!!! YAY.. our first little get-a-way since Eric's brother got married 2 years ago. GAH!!!!!!! I am so excited.

Oh... new pic of the kids daily occurrence

Okay I have rambled enough now - that is what is up these days and please keep my nephew in your prayers he goes into the hospital today (He has Cystic Fibrosis) and his PFT showed a decline - so we are praying and hoping all the testing and surgeries this week have him home for Christmas. Auntie Mel loves you Jake...

Seasons greetings to all - and I WILL be posting more:)

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