Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I DO miss you..... no really I do...

Okay like every morning - I sit down with my cup of coffee at work and click on my good friends Ella and Charlotte's blog - FinchFound (it is awesome) and bam Ms. Charlotte kicked me in the face with this morning's post - Dear Date Night | Date Night Ideas . I was driving to work this morning thinking about how much I miss Eric. We never get to sit down and talk anymore - we never get to watch something we both enjoy together - we don't cuddle on the couch - we barely have time to ask about one another' day. Oh yes we are PARENTS and with that we sacrificed the little things to have a wonderful family AND don't get me wrong I wouldn't change it for a thing and I am not complaining but I just plain miss him.

We are getting bids to cover our patio so every night he is outside with the company's and I am running around inside getting dinner, baths, playing referee, getting ready for school the next day, etc... (yes the normal nightly duties). We speak for a moment while he jumps in the shower and then by the time he gets out I am fast asleep after the 9:00 p.m. news (oh yes people I have to get to sleep that early because my a** gets up at 4:45 a.m. to get my day started) -  so there goes another day and more moments I don't "spend" with him.

I know many of you are reading this and thinking "um get over it, we do this everyday and don't complain". But here is the thing I VOWED to myself that I would never neglect the foundation of our family, which is ERIC and I. I vowed to always make sure that if we keep OUR relationship strong it will have a trickling down affect on our little one's. HE and I made our family and we should never forget that. Our children are our world but Eric and I made this family together - and we need time for ourselves too. Just the TWO of us - to laugh about the kids, our work, our family, etc... just to COMMUNICATE. The kind of communication that isn't a 4 year old screaming "Can I have some water please" - while a 1 year old pulls her hair and then comes running saying "up up up". I cherish these moments but I also cherish my time alone with him.

So here is the deal and after all that ranting....

I had tried to find a sitter for Saturday evening so we could go to Fairmount Park to have dinner and see the horse races. My friends Beth, Melissa, and my sister in law Stacy are ALL going and bringing their husbands/significant others (mind you they have NO children) and I can't find a sitter for the LIFE of me. Plus with Wes sick these past couple of days, I have worn out my welcome with Eric's parents sitting - so I don't want to ask them. This all began as a GNO but then we decided the guys need to get out too - so we changed it to a date night for everyone.

Well here I sit - probably heading to the races solo while my gorgeous, loving, husband stays home with the kiddos (I know this might strike a nerve with some - as I know many husbands won't even do that). I will miss him and be thinking of him the whole time - he needs time out too. Ugh.. Blah... enough ranting for the day. I miss Eric - I really really really do...

UPDATE~~~~~~ 07/21/2011

YES Eric gets to go - My mom saved the day - she will be sitting for my lovely bunch.. Off to the races with my handsome hunk of love... Oh yes and THANK YOU MOM!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy 1st BEE DAY to my sweet bumble bee....

Okay all - well Mr. Wes turned 1 on July 2nd and since his b-day falls the weekend of July 4th - We held out on his party until July 9th (the following weekend). Now granted I have been obsessively shopping on Etsy for over 6 months and buying things at random. LOL.. I decided on the Bee theme - since we call our Mister, bumble bee. I had been collecting the directions for some time and putting them all up and together was so rewarding. Putting Elle and Wes's matching outfits together was so much fun - have to give a shot out to my Sister in Law Stacy for her crafty self. So I wanted to provide a small review of the b-day and how it went.

So the party was held on July 9th from 2pm - 4pm at our house. I took off work on Friday to finalize all the details and start the prep work.

Friday, July 8th consisted of prepping - so I made these awesome bee rice krispy treats - not gonna lie the oil on my hands and positioning of the flaked almonds (which broke all the time) took up some time.

I baked all the cupcakes (devils food cake mix and butter cream icing) and made the party rye appetizers 

Then I decided to make Wes's smash cake cake - I cooked the devils food cake in a small pyrex bowl and used the remaining butter cream icing and drizzled the chocolate from the rice krispies to make it somewhat resemble a bee.

After all the cooking and baking was complete - I ran to Hobby Lobby to finish up Wes's outfit and to Target to get Elle's matching outfit. I bought the white onesie and the appliques for it and matched Elle in black and yellow. For Wes, I got the black bow tie applique and my sister in law added the yellow bow - we purchased the number one and letters and made the back - I found my old BEE costume from college and took the stinger and used that for his bum - TOO CUTE. Elle's dress I found at Target - along with those rocking shoes - the headband was made by my sister in law too.

After I finished up the costumes - I started working on the decorations. I got a few things done on Friday with the decorations but finished them on Saturday. I decided that I was NOT going to make the cake and bought it from the best bakery in St. Louis (well to me) Mcarthur's Bakery. I purchased yellow cake mix with the white buttercream icing (can you tell I love buttercream - LOL) and had black and white polka dots placed all over it - I bought a big Styrofoam "W" from Hobby Lobby for the topper - here it is in the right of this picture on the bar.

Here are the inside decorations - all purchased from EtsyB.A. Sweetie Candy Company store in Cleveland, OH, and stuff around my house - LOL

Saturday I started the outside decorations. I picked up the balloons and went straight to decorate. Oh and yes that Lion sits outside in our backyard - Elle, Eric, and I are all Leo's - and yes he is wearing MY BEE costume from college - hahahaha. Elle LOVED IT!

It was a HOT HOT day - so we ordered pizza's from Domino's and had a huge salad. Kept us from heating the kitchen with our oven - THANK GOD!!!!!! The kids cooled off in the water table that was set up outside.

Wes ate his cake (Elle fed him too) and opened his gifts - so sweet....

Everyone enjoyed the desserts tremendously - including Daddy.

We even took a great 4 generations picture - What a keepsake!!!! On the left is Wes, Eric, Eric's Dad - Rocky, Eric's G-pa Charlie, Eric's youngest brother Steve, and Eric's oldest Bro Dan.

I even think PaPa Charlie enjoyed the party.... LOL

So Mr. Wes man scored many awesome gifts - including a Bumble Bee pillow pet and stuffed animal, books and LOTS of them, cash, a tee ball set, and a elephant that pops balls. He is set for awhile. Wes did great - was a good boy and then crashed after hitting his head on the patio - poor guy - LOL.. He has such a hard head - didn't even leave a mark.

So Happy 1st Birthday my sweet sweet boy.. MaMa loves you more than you could ever know.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good ole America and the annoying...

Well I wanted to share some adorable photos of our 4th of July Weekend and YES it is that time again this month to explore... "What annoys the pi** out of me lately"... LOL

First off Wes turned the BIG ONE on Saturday, July 2nd. We relaxed at home and took a birthday stroll. It was so freaking HOT outside. I made BLT's for dinner and some Birthday Brownies for Wes - he loved it:) His big bash is this Saturday. Here are few pics from his ACTUAL b-day.

So Sunday, July 3rd was the annual Gokin Pool Party and it started at 2:30 p.m. - as soon as we walked up the driveway to their house and entered the pool area with our floaties, rafts, Wes's sunshade crab, 2 swimming bags, extra towels, and two kids undertow - the rain started. Elle kicked off her shoes and was about to jump in when a big bolt of lightning hit. Ugh... So we grabbed all of our STUFF and headed for the garage. So the rain NEVER let up the WHOLE day. Elle had fun running around in her swimsuit doing rain dances and Wes, well he was B.O.R.E.D. - he was drenched and cold and ready to G.O. around 6:00 p.m. I left the party (with NO dinner) and headed home with Mr. Wes - fed him and off to dream land he went.

Elle and Eric didn't arrive until after 8:30 p.m. and they brought me a plate - so nice of them. After I ate my plate, we all went outside in our circle and Eric and Elle shot off fireworks. Elle enjoyed her smoke bombs, sparklers, tanks, hens that lay eggs, roman candles, and a few loud booming things. They had a BLAST. Needless to say I have NO pics from Sunday.

Monday, July 4th was fun - we were invited to my MOM's for Sloppy Joes and Hot Dogs. She made a fresh Peach Pie and this "TO DIE FOR" Trefoil with strawberries, angel food cake, and other yummy ingredients. YUMSTER... The kids swam in the pool and we hung out and chatted and nibbled ALL day. It was BEAUTIFUL out and we had SOOOOOOOO much fun:) Here are a few pics from the ACTUAL 4th of July.

I have just NOW noticed how I am NEVER in ANY pictures.. Need to explore that more....

Okay to wrap this up... Yes it is that time again where I am super annoyed and here are some THINGS that just make me want to flick someone or SCREAM. Top 10 this month are:

1.  SUPER TIGHT PANTS where you can see every crevice of some one's bum including their underwear. PUKE!!!

2.  Bra straps hanging out of girls tanks/tops when you are out to dinner or out at a nice place (home or around family is fine and dandy) - not sure why but it just doesn't seem very classy to me. I mean I am loving the sheer tops with the bras underneath but when you have a tank on - I don't feel the straps should be peeping out - invest in a strapless you won't be disappointed.

3. Socks with sandals - yes some people in the Midwest still think this is OKAY.. it is NOT!!!!!!

4.  Passengers hanging their nastified (yes that is a word LOL) feet out the car window while driving - R U KIDDING ME - What are you THINKING?

5.  BIG honking trucks with those massive wheels - besides for a work related vehicle is that big thing REALLY necessary - plus your honking truck takes up two lanes and that bump sticker that has that little boy who is peeing on the competitor brand is just plain - ANNOYING!!!

6.  People in the check out line - who tell you to "hold their spot" while they go and shop for another 10 minutes - sorry you move you LOSE!!!!!

7.  Why is it that everyone comments on Wes's blond hair - HELLO PEOPLE how many times do I have to tell you that I had STARK WHITE HAIR as a child - ummmm.... yes he is 50% mine too.

8.  Guilt - in all of it's ugly forms.

9.  Those boots with massive fringe - like Miley Cyrus and Snookie wear - sorry don't care for them at ALL.

10. Belly shirts on women or MEN!!!!!!!!!!  LOL... sorry I know they are coming back in the fashion world but I still find them TACKY.

Okay I am rounding out my post - with a good heartfelt SORRY - if any of these things offend you. But in the words of OUTKAST - just being HONEST.