Monday, July 16, 2012

Creepin on a Come up...

Yep, that is my title to this gross creepin that has been going on. Oh yes my friends the creepin of LBS! Blah... I haven't posted in quite some time and decided that I need to post again to keep myself accountable for my new Weight Loss Challenge. So needless to say - life is going. Summer is upon me and I am about at the heaviest I have ever been WITHOUT being preggo. I basically can't take it anymore. I like cookies, I like cupcakes, I like salt, I like bread... Whoa is me... LOL..

I signed my bum up for the Cow Bell Half Marathon in St. Charles in October and training begins today with a 2 mile run. I do run often but I need to be more dedicated and consistent. As my husband says (avid workerouter - PUKE) consistency is Key...

So I am a part of the FB board and we started our challenge today with our baseline weight. Am I really going to post this - I can't believe I am... but this might make me REALLY start caring again. 153 lbs people, however I am going to say this week is *girl week* so I am probably retaining some water. Excuses, Excuses, yes I know...

My goal is to post each week about my weight loss (or gain *sigh*) - update on the kids - and get back to writing down my thoughts. I miss it!!!

Oh.. update on my beloved ones. We had their Dual Mustache Bash Party this weekend. I don't have my darn camera here, or else I would post some pics.Will do next week.  Elle turns 5 in August and Wes turned 2 on July 2nd. GAH!!!!!!!!! My babies are growing up FAST. Elle will be continuing at Goddard next year and starting Kindergarten when she is 6 at Queen of All Saints - Wes, well, he will stay at Goddard. Besides that - they are crazy, scream a ton, fight constantly, never stop talking, hug and kiss us everyday, melt our hearts each minute, and are our world. Love those little banches.

Okay enough ranting. Onto getting myself in shape, because when Elle starts kindergarten I want to be svelte again (yes I used that word). Hot mama who takes her kids to school and shows her kids what a healthy lifestyle is all about.

Ta Ta for now...

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