Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 2 Update

Well here it is Week 2 on the challenge and I wanted to update with my training, eating, and running. So I stepped on the scale on Wednesday and was at 144.0 lbs. down 9 lbs from last week. I truly don't understand how one person could carry THAT much water weight (it was girl time last week so I am sure that had SOMETHING to do with it). Blah... but YAY too.

I have been training for my half marathon and keeping up with my training schedule. So last week I ran 2 miles on Sunday, 1 mile on Tuesday, 1 mile on Wednesday, 2 miles on Friday, and 3 miles on Saturday. I also did strength training each of those days as well. I focus on back, triceps, legs, abs on one day and then switch to chest, shoulders, biceps, abs, legs the next - and so on and so on. I have been enjoying these great new Booty exercises I am learning. It is great to switch it up from the standard good ole squat, lunge, and wall stance.

I have been walking 1.5 miles each day at work as well. I am getting in 4 days and taking one day to not sweat myself to death. ICK!! For real 108 degrees is not my ideal walking weather - but whatevs! My coworkers can just deal with my sweat pits, drenched neck, and swamp boobs/a**. HA!!! Love me - really you do!

Onto the eating - well I have been doing great at work - keeping with a protein/fiber packed breakfast with a serving of fruit. Lunch I am doing well with a salad, lite yogurt, and protein bar. Dinner's I have been switching up - trying to not eat carbs after lunch - but sometimes my Smart Start cereal is calling my name by dinner time. So I have a small bowl. Basically dinners are protein and veggies - not too shabby. For an afternoon snack - I have been doing a piece of fruit (apples, berries, orange) and a piece of Weight Watchers String Cheese. I am a crunchaholic so I need some crunch in my life - I have been munching on carrots and they are dam* good. I love me some baby carrots. LOL...

Weekends SUCK... I have one cheat meal a week. So this weekend was hard to pick which one I wanted to splurge on. We had dinner at Mexican restaurant on Saturday night, where I ordered Quesadillas and ate one piece - because I indulged in 3 fats Margarita's. Then went to an Irish pub afterwards and had a few vodka/tonics there. Yes I drink - no shame in my game! Eric was driving so I take FULL advantage - this doesn't happen that often people. Needless to say - I puked all Sunday morning. HA!!!!!!! So I probably puked up my nights worth of calories - oh the shame! HA.. It was totally worth it.

Sunday my in laws took us to this fried chicken restaurant in Columbia, Illinois - it was fab. I chose this night to splurge. I ordered all white meat 1/2 a chicken, mashed potatoes WITH GRAVY, and slaw. I thought I would eat like a banche - but ended up eating one breast, some potatoes, and the slaw. It was mighty good... mighty dam* good! Monday then I had sushi with some girlfriends - so I ate light during the day. Tuesday I ate light as well and honestly I know this is terrible but I skipped dinner. I had a b-day party to attend for my daughter's friend and then came home and worked out and totally forgot to eat. DUMB!!! Oh well.

So okay - enough ranting... I lost 9 lbs, probably due to puking from Saturday's drinking binge, not eating on Tuesday, and working out/running like a nutball. HA!!!!!! I AM making healthier choices though - BAH!!!

So this weekend we do not have any meals out - so that is very good. However we will be out on a boat all day on Saturday and I probably will have a drink with my girl Jodi for her going away party - so I need to keep myself in check.

Oh Oh Oh... I am going to try this Military Diet starting on Sunday - I wish I could post the dang link but BLOCKED here, but if you find me on Pinterest (Melanie Waterkotte) and check out my board called "Work it girl, do your thing" it is called "Interesting. Lose 10 lbs 3 days. Very interesting". We will see - you can do anything for 3 days right?

Well... Stay Sexy St. Louis

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