Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ain't no shame in the game...

Did I ever post my big fat preggo belly pic? Well today shall be the day I do. I am not all to upset - I don't have stretch marks on my stomach and the ones on the hips, are not THAT terrible. Dam* them.

So let's start with Elle Belly:

Elle Belly - 18 weeks pregnant

 Elle Belly - 30 weeks pregnant

Pregnant with Elle around 30 something weeks.

About 2 years after Elle - right before I got preggo with Wesley (oh that is my nephew Will I am holding)

Now onto Wesley Belly:

Wesley Belly - 12 weeks preggo

Wesley Belly - 30 weeks preggo

A little over one year after having Wesley

So basically my goal is to get back down to where I was after having Elle. Why oh Why is the second one so hard to lose the last 10 lbs. YIKES!!! Oh well, I am going to keep running and running and running. Sorry for the random post today - but looking back at my preggo pics actually makes me feel a little better about myself today. A little.


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  2. Got you girl - I am following you now too and thanks for checking my blog out:)