Friday, August 3, 2012

Brief Week Weigh in Update

Hey everyone - started the Military Diet on Monday - made it to Wednesday's happy hour after work with my girls Laura and Anne - yep then I quit. LOL.. I ate pizza, pretzel bites, and had a few grape vodkas with club soda (healthy a?) LOL... So I think I lost around 5 lbs in 2 days - dumb... it is a quick diet if you are needing to squeeze your a** into some skinny jeans for a night out - but would I do it again - NAH - it sucked!!!

So weigh in on Wednesday was 144 lbs - same as last week - Whatevs!!! I signed my butt up for the MO Cowbell Half Marathon and started training - I enjoy it. I really enjoy it!!! I love running..

So my Birthday Month starts - I have GNO tomorrow at my favorite old school places Venice Cafe - can't wait!!!! Such a fun hipster place. So I will be throwing back a few tomorrow. The rest of the weekend should be okay. Run 2 miles tonight, 5 miles on Saturday, and 2 miles on Sunday. Not too shabby - unless I puke all morning on Sunday. HUZZAH!!! LOL...

Next Tuesday is my 32nd Birthday - yes give it up to me!! So I will be indulging in Chinese Food for my b-day dinner (a favorite of mine) and some yummy cookie cake from Ms. Fields. Love that woman (is she a woman?) Who knows but I love that ooey gooey chocolatey goodness!!!

Next week's training looks like this - Monday OFF - Tuesday 3 miles - Wednesday 2 miles - Thursday OFF - Friday 3 miles - Saturday OFF - Sunday 6 miles. Oh yeah baby!!! all while the chinese food and cookies rumble around in my BELLAAAAAYY!! Rock on peeps and onto next week and in hopes of at least a 2 lb weight loss.


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