Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Y'all

Well it is Monday - fun stuff. I pretty much wrote off last week - it SUCKED! I ran a total of 6 miles all week. I don't know what was up - well I do - it was my birthday and it lasted all week. LOL... So whatevs.

Okay - Monday - back at it. I may feel guilty but I am not going to get all down and sucked back into birthday week ridiculousness.

So... I walked 1.5 miles today at work - going to run 3 miles tonight and weight train (chest and biceps) - as well as the good ole legs and some abs.

Oh I started the 1 db Goddess on Sunday - I forgot to weigh in to get a baseline - but I will one day this week - meh. I can't wait to see this shiz work - it better freaking work. I guess I can't eat brownies for lunch, chinese for dinner and sit on my a** and expect this miracle pill to work - oh how I would make a FORTUNE if I could come up with the ingredients for THAT pill.

Anyways - ran rampid this weekend - walked Wes through the St. Louis ZOO (yes our ZOO is better than yours - hah!) on my back in the Boba G3 carrier - 30 lbs up and down hills - great workout. My calves feel like tight burning balls of flames today. KILLER - but oh so good...

Well back to my daily routine... talk soon... Oh did I mention Justin and Jennifer are engaged - HUZZAH! No - not anyone I know - come on their celebrities people.

Never too late to teach the little one's squats - Love my Elle Bell.

Okay I took a freaking picture of me post workout/run and it is flipped LOL - WTH? I had to delete that freak. Oh well at least you got to see my little pre-olympian in training.

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