Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pics.. Pics.. Pics..Randomly placed.

Okay FINALLY some flippin pictures PEOPLE!!! Welcome to the sweet a** chaos that is MY life.

Me Post Workout - workin on my fitness!! Training for this half marathon is such a great feeling. I look like a tool - oh well get used to it.

 Here is my hoosie (we pronounce the word WHOSEYA) hub with my sweet little Wes man. Camo Hat - "meh" not a fan... not a fan at all.

 Oh have you met my little darling Elle - she thinks she is 23. This is her recital night.

 Sassy yet always Classy Elle Rose.

 My great friend Bridg-ET and I. Oh did I mention she has been doing that HCG diet - totally looking KILLA! Work it girl - do your thang...

My bumble bee Wes - don't let his sweet smile fool ya - he is a devil in disguise. (Man that shirt is filthy)

Yep that hat again - GAH!!!!!! Elle looking rather lakey and Wes looking like a stuffed sausage - I guess since he couldn't move he just decided to sleep.

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