Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quickee Wednesday

Home with the little one's today. Elle got her 5 year shots yesterday & flu mist. She had a reaction last night and today, huge knot on her arm and low grade fever. So of course if she stays home, Wesley has to as well.

So I played school, flying pirates, ballet dancer, boat rides, coloring, and divulged into making a home made pizza. I am beat... For real you stay at home mom's, I must give you props. I truly don't understand how you do it. KUDOS to you.... So when the kids went down for a bit I ran through some old pics - here are a few:

So a few pics for the day.... A little bit of this - a little bit of that.

 Some wedding pics... St. Louis can be so pretty when someone isn't shooting at you.
  Wedding to E - May 14, 2005
 Me after Elle Bell
 Me preggo with Wesley in Ft. Myers, Florida - Feb 2010
Wes and his thoughts for the day...

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