Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quickee Wednesday...

So random here... I was supposed to get up at 4:00 a.m. and do 4 miles but here it is 5:25 a.m. and I am on the internet before I have to get ready for work - so here's to a nice night run tonight. Holla!

I drug my bum out of bed yesterday at 4 am to run to some techno beats and today all I wanted to hear before the sun came up was the sound of E snoring my own thoughts. You know the kind of morning where you lie around plotting the day/week/weekend - future and past events - and first world problems, like which color eye shadow to wear with my outfit today. Oh.. and what Woody and Rizz will be discussing on today's show - love me some WAR 105.7 - my happy place on my hellacious drive down 270 HWY for 30+ miles. No kids screaming, no husband being annoying, just me and the boys, and a million cars with people drinking their coffee & secretly picking their noses. Let me add - WE ALL SEE YOU. Come on now...

So last night I was playing around and noticed how late I was to the game - that is hella late to the game of  INSTAGRAM. I swear you can make yourself look killer in no make-up and bed head. WTH? I will NEVA EVA trust another picture of a person - Yikes. So I was playing around and...

Me hanging with my bf in my favorite spot - Bed & Bed - sans make-up and rat hair.

So of course once I took that bad boy I realized how awesome this Instagram app truly is, how crazy it is that it makes you look pretty darn favorable when you are about to go to sleep, so I made that bia my profile pic. BAM!!!!

Wednesday (oh my Friday) Out. Bring on 5 glorious days of HOME!

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