Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two for Tuesday...

1. I can't freaking wait for Elle to start kindergarten. Did I ever state why one of the reasons she is going to Private school is for the UNIFORMS? I can't stand this arguing every morning over clothes, shoes, hair. GAH!!! I really can't take it anymore. I can't wait for her to wake up, put on a plaid jumper, white shirt, tennis shoes, etc... and off she goes. No listening to "not pink today, really I don't like that shirt, it is too big, it is too small, I don't like the gold shoes, can you shrink that skirt, I will wear that tomorrow". AGH!!!!!!!!!!
UNIFORM ADVOCATE OVER "HER"!!!!!!!! Get in line honey - you all get to look the SAME... Okay maybe that was harsh, but you can express your individuality through academics, through your personality, or other outlets. Maybe I am just tired today - blah....

2.  Getting up at 4 am to run is pretty much getting ridiculous. I can't bring myself to jump right out of bed and try to run before my "brain starts working". Somedays I am all over this "rise and shine" thing - other days I want to punch something or someone (usually Eric who is lying there all snores). Anyways I need some help to motivate myself to just GET UP!!!!!! I run in the evening after everyone goes to bed - but by then I want to lie in my bed and read a naughty novel - not be sweatin it out on the treadmill. Any suggestions?

Man I am a bia today... Tuesdays, in my eyes, the worst day of the week.


  1. You text me and I'll text you. Accountability partners!

  2. Alright Ang - we need to set this pact.