Thursday, September 6, 2012


I freakin figured out how to center my header - it might not be the coolest or cutest but the dang thing is CENTERED - thank you Gohardesign - you rock my socks off. And this is why I love google - just typed in "center the header on blogger" and voila!! Well all that aside - that took over a year to figure out (guess I forgot about google). LOL... Now I will be on a mission to find out how to make those cute blog headers - you know the one's that "grab your attention". Mine just says - "here are our heads, come read about our lives" - whatev!

So last night my bff's and I met up for happy hour and had a blast. I won't bore you with the husband, kid(s), friends, family, surprises, 35th birthday vacation, etc... deets, but I will photo-bomb you with a few pics.

Bff's - Sarah, Bridget, Melissa (Beth had gone home to "tame her monster" - her 5 month old daughter)

I like wine - don't mind if I do - A glass of Pinot Noir or 4.
Ending the night Beachler style AND.... were out!
Oh well, yet another fun filled evening with some stunning gals. And finally one more random thought for the day - ya think my doggie "Asti" needs a groom? Nah.. me neither. HA.HA.HA - calling to make the appt NOW.
Hairy Mongrel
Have a great Thursday!