Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Fact or Fiction" Follow-up

So if you did NOT read about yesterday's "Fact or Fiction" Friday - read it HERE 

Well many of you guessed it - yes number...ONE... is TRUE.  

The first time my bff and I drank champagne - we were in high-school. Her older brother had bought it for us (shame, shame, shame) - it was New Year's Eve and we decided we wanted to try it. Why we chose champagne - who knows? I guess we thought we were going to be classy or something - bah! We drank that shiz up, acted like fools, got down to our undies, and decided to go out in the freezing cold snow. It was EPIC. 

The reason I thought about this certain incident, is because this weekend I will be attending the man that provided alcohol to minors that older brother's wedding. I honestly NEVER thought he would EVER get "hitched", but he is and I am so happy for him. Bring on the Bubbly... never know it may snow in September? HOLLA!

P.S. the second statement was true too - it just didn't happen to me - thank heavens (but I was there and felt so bad for her) OUCH!!!

Any fun champagne stories - oh please share?

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  1. This is hysterical- I love it!

    I drank a lot of it last night with my sister from another mister, and waltzed out of the bar singing way too loudly and enthusiasticly to Meatloafs' I would do Anything for Love.... Your story is wayyyy better