Monday, September 3, 2012

Families who workout together RULE

Basically we have been kicking butt all weekend and enjoying this lovely Monday - HAPPY LABOR DAY my friends.

Friday you all heard about the 9 mile struggle - if not, check it out HERE

Saturday I took an off day and rested and ate like a banche - yes I suck with will power and yes I love food. That evening consisted of a Mexican Fiesta at my Mom's house and my kids acted a little like this: (you know I just want to photo-bomb you with their cuteness!!!)
Elle and Wes
I guess she already knows the Duck Face. I am going to be in for a treat come teenage years.
I played around with Instagram again (my new obsession) and here are Eric and I. HAHAHA. I am loving this app - it makes me laugh so hard and pisses Eric off terribly - but he rolled with the punches.

Eric in all his recliner glory - ha:)
Me, tooling it up for you. I should probably start taking some pics with make-up on - oh well bare through it.

Sunday I woke up to Isaac still swirling around St. Louis and decided to head out on a 5 mile run at Cliff Cave Park. It was misting so I thought "meh" I can handle. The views are gorgeous so I didn't mind that it started pouring as soon as I hit mile 3. I was sloshing around like a fish out of water, but I made it 5.5 miles and enjoyed the scenery. One more thing, not really sure why elderly people like to walk the paths in the rain, but more power to you. Rock that rain!!! For realz, it was me, 2 marathon looking men, and about 4 elderly couples holding hands walking in the pouring down rain. Guess we all have "our thang".

The Muddy Mississippi
 Rainy path - but beautiful greenery.
Monday I walked 2.5 miles with my sister-in-law at Jefferson Barracks park, I needed to get out there and do SOMETHING - plus the weather is cooling off a tad so I wanted to take full advantage. I then came home to our ole school basement lifting. My husband, Eric, is a total weight lifting dude - he loves to lift heavy weights and grunt - but ask him to do cardio and he acts like you asked him to go back in for another vasectomy. So every weekend (mostly Sundays) we all work out together. I do mostly squats, planks, and upper body, the kids pretend to work out, and Eric uses our machines and screams like it is no-body's business - ANNOYING!!! We onced own a gym membership - then we bought our own equipment and the gym has been history every since. I for real LOVE having my own gym downstairs and think you can get just a ripped as you want doing it on your own my husband is cheap, with your own determination.
 I taught the kids some planking today. They did pretty good (for about 2.2 seconds) and then went destroying things around the play room.
Elle and Wes planking. Elle is rocking it in her dress up attire. She sure knows how to look good while working out.

Me and my workout hair - ha!!! and awesome home made pinterest shirt.

And finally, last but not least - good ole Eric and his "Old School Workout Style". That rug underneath is awesome don't you think - maroon and forest green are sooooo in these days - said no-one ever! 

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