Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quickee Wednesday

Well hello there. Woke up at 4 am - got a 3 miler in, did a few planks, squats, bicep curls, and began my day. HA. For real I love these days, I just get sooo tired sooo early, BUT I better "wake it up" because tonight I have happy hour with my bff's at J. Bucks in Clayton. I love drinking hanging out with friends. Can't wait to see you hoosiers tonight:) assuming you even read this.

Let's see - tomorrow Elle starts her 1st day of dance for this year. She has Hip Hop first and then Tap, Ballet, and Jazz (all in one class). 2 classes = 1.5 hrs of Margaritas at Las Fuentas with my girl Laura or sometimes we run the fun that is Arnold. LOL - the majority we frequent Mexican. I swear I am not a lush - well not all the time.

 Elle's First Dance Class at Goddard - ~ 2 years old.

Elle at her recital (Studio C) in June - almost 5 years old (see this is why I have to drink - LOL - kidding)

Anyways - Friday same shiz, Saturday I have my 10 mile run SOLO (check back in for that one), Mizzou Vs. Georgia game that evening, and Eric is out of town somewhere in there. Fun stuff.

Happy Wednesday Cats - enjoy this HUMP day (I know I will).

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