Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quickee Wednesday

Mid-week Fun...

I love, love, LOVED the link up yesterday that Holly and Amy hosted - super fun and I met some COOL people. Meeting new bloggers is GREAT:) If you missed it - check it out HERE. I learned a couple things too.

First there are TON of people out there who live WAY MORE hectic lives than mine - so I should shut the pie hole and suck it up. Second I totally couldn't handle ANY more children in my household and am amazed at that mama's that do. Third that my Blog Header BLOWS and I need to work on that AND finally, that I actually enjoy this whole "blogging" thing more than I thought I would.

Few more randoms - yesterday we had a funeral to attend and then Eric and I went home sans kids (still at daycare) and I REALLY wanted to lay around on the couch and watch the Food Network but I laced up and hit the trail.

Not sure what was up with me - could be sheer exhaustion and lack of nutrition from puking for 2 days, the stagnant humid air, or the flippin sun beating down on me for 50 minutes with absolutely NO shade - but I made it 4 miles and had to stop - WHAT - I don't quit. But I did - I was D.Y.I.N.G. So I walked a little bit and then started up again and made it 5. Ugh.. killer. I have to make it 12 miles on Saturday - thank GOD the weather is looking fallish and cool. This 90 degree stuff is just NOT working anymore.

Eric stayed home and did this...

No he worked out in the basement first - then did this. Why oh Why do guys in socks and no shoes make me want to hurl? I don't like - don't like one little bit.

What helps you get up and going on days where the recliner is sucking you in? Me... the fact my husband acts all hard core and yells "only way to get results is consistency Mel". Most of the time I want to throw the remote and my bag of swedish fish I am shoveling down my throat at him - but I do have to admit, it pushes me!

Stay Sexy out there today.


  1. My biggest motivator to get up off my butt is just setting a weekly workout goal. I tell myself I am going to workout 4 days I know if I have too many off days then I am screwed and will have to do all my workout days back to back. That usually gets me moving when I think about kettlebell 4 days in a row. :) I also can't stand dudes in shorts and socks...I think it has something to do with the leg hair.

    1. I think you are RIGHT - it has to be the hair - ewwww. LOL

  2. Oh girl! I am not feeling men in socks with no shoes either! Sorry you had that nasty virus. My 3 year old had it about 3 weeks ago. He was just pitiful. I am sure you could smell the Lysol all the way up in St. Louis! LOL! I am sure that's why you had trouble with your run. Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Ugh... it was awful and thanks we definitely are feeling much better.