Friday, October 26, 2012

Fact(s) Friday

Happy Friday - each time it is Friday I start thinking of Holly's Friday song from the "Friday's Favorite" Vlog. She kills me.

I wanted to thank everyone who signed up for the Give-A-Way - yay!!! I can't wait to share some of "my favorite things" with you and THANK YOU all again for hanging in there with me and following along. The winner will be announced on Monday morning when I link-up with Aly - Analyze This for "I Wore What?". I can't wait to share some of my fashion blunders. If you follow me on Instagram you saw a doosey yesterday. Hair trauma! and chokers are no joke. LOL

Oh.. one more thing, thanks Lindsay for the reminder on this - each day I email back everyone who comments on the posts - if you are not getting emails from me, it is because your account is set up as "no-reply". I didn't know this at first either and then Holly (check out here Shabby Apple $50 gift card give-a-way - AH..mazing) and Stephanie yelled at me and I changed my settings - now I am in email heaven. I love emailing and getting to know everyone - so please "Let me Love you". If you need instructions on how to change your settings click the link below.

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The darling Lauren from Life As A Labeth awarded me the Liebster Award and I wanted to make sure I hit the questions she had asked, in addition to Stephs. I love reading her "So What Wednesdays" and her blog is down right real. She is working so hard right now in school to become a Social Worker - and I remember those days of downright sheer exhaustion while trying to tackle it all. Hang in there girl - you are going to make a wonderful social worker.

Lauren's Questions:

What is your guilty pleasure movie that you could watch 39840 times in a row?

The Wedding Singer, Detroit Rock City, The Doors (love me some Val Kilmer), High Fidelity, and Beauty & the Beast. 

Did you have the names for your kids picked out before you even knew you were having them? If you don't have kids, do you have names already?

No we did not have them picked out. We picked them out when we found out the gender. Elle Rose our daughter - honestly no reason we loved both names. Wesley Charles our son - Charles is both of our Grandfather's names and we like Wes. We can see Wes Waterkotte on a football jersey. HA.. We are crazy I know...

What is your favorite holiday drink/snack?

Hey I don't just drink on Holidays - I am a year round kind-of-girl. But I host Thanksgiving for 30+ people, so I drink wine while I am in the kitchen. I can't get too tipsy or my bird may burn;) Christmas is at someone else's home so I drink Vodka/Tonics with lime and always have a coffee with Bailey's as a nightcap. Foodwise - I love these "mounds" my MIL makes (coconut things dipped in chocolate). I also love my mom's "lime-pin-ello". Yes we named it and haven't had it in awhile - it is this pistachio jello/coconut/pineapple/marshmallow/whip-cream HEAVEN!!! Mom.. you read this blog - we need STAT.

How addicted are you to Pinterest?

I used to be SUPER addicted but now I am on it once a week or so.

If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be?

Man.. I have no idea. I guess I would go with a dog. Sleep, eat, belly rubs, chase things, etc...

What is one irrational fear that you have?

Deathly afraid of snakes - I mean "pass out if I see one" style. I also am afraid of ANYTHING happening to my children. Here is a fear - the school bus. I can't send my kids on the school bus - I just can't. What happens on there - what if it went somewhere unfamiliar or dropped them off somewhere crazy? Yep. another reason we chose Private School.

What is your favorite blog to stalk read?

I have so many - I read a TON in a day. I do stalk SkinnyRunner and Run.Eat.Repeat. quite often (avid runners). I also love reading Analyze This and of course the adorable Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally - I truthfully love every one's though.

Do you feel obligated to match your clothes all the time? Even pajamas?

He** to the NO. I rarely match. I love mixing colors and looking all color block funky. For real, I don't think I have matched my bra and underwear in 15 years (one thing E complains about - yet I still don't care)

If you could have any pet in the world without having to worry about safety or money issues, what 

would you pick?
Puffin. I want one so bad. Those sweet little penguin puffers. I would snuggle and love it to pieces. I have often thought about stealing one from the St. Louis ZOO. Kidding. 

What kind of books do you enjoy reading?

What I would like to call "Naughty Novels". I also read Celebrity Smut. I am also big into motivational books - one of my favorites is "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". Life changer I tell you.

What is one thing you could never live without?

My mom... In my head she is immortal. She is going "no-where". 
AND my kids - I don't know how I ever lived without them - they are my world.

That is my momma in the background - love you Luna.

Have A Great Weekend

Your fears? Do you match? Do you know what a Puffin is?


  1. Can't wait to see your fashion blunders! I love that last sassy pic, too cute! I adore me a cute girl with a little sass :)

  2. RE: I know VB rubs a lot of people the wrong way but I absolutely love her!! :D

    Check out that pose in that last pic, I love!
    These types of Q&A interest me so much. I'm a stalker of SR as well. And, I'm not a mom but I worry about everything so your fear of the school bus is completely justified to me

  3. I loveeee Wedding Singer and Beauty and the Beast! haha. No shame in those movies on repeat!

  4. I am scared to death of snakes too!! The best snake in the world is a dead one! Love The Wedding Singer! Wth is a Puffin? Lol! I'll have it googled in the next couple minutes. Ha! I don't know why but I have this stupid thing about matching. It's like I can't sleep if my shorts and top don't match...stupid OCD! Happy Friday!

  5. I need to go find some good pictures of my fashion blunders! It will be a fun link up!

  6. Can't wait for fashion blunders link up! I need some guidance for POTM sign up. I'm missing something. Still LOLing at Elle's pic! Super sass! Happy Friday Mel!

  7. Funny story, I went to gifted when I ws younger (like 3rd grde) and a bus would take me and a friend to another school from our "home school", one day the bus driver picked us up to go home, picked everyone else up, dropped everyone else off and forgot we were on the bus. We didnt get home until about 6:30 (usually was 2:45) and this was before cell phones! Needless to say I never rode again!

  8. LOL, I was replying to your comments via email and then realize you were a no reply blogger a few weeks ago I was like dannnnng lol!!

    Puffins are my most favorite animals EVERRRRRRRRR

  9. Since I'm selfhosted on wordpress and don't have a blogger blog my blogger profile links back to my google+ site- is that the same as being a no reply blogger?

  10. Hey, congratulations on the Leibster Award!!
    I almost stepped on a garden snack on a run once and it freaked me the hell out! It motivated me to pick up my pace, though. I was outta there!

  11. When I read the Puffin part I wondered if you were a Holly Madison/Hugh Heffner fan. :) Happy weekend!

  12. Holly called this to my attention too! I'm so happy that I know about it now! E-mail set up and ready to go :)


  13. Those were some great questions!

    You saw what my child brought home last week, right? I was crying on the inside driving all the way home with that thing in my car...luckily it has been safely put back into nature far far away from my home. Things you have to look forward to with boys.... :D

    I don't know if I'm a no-reply blogger or not...gonna go check it out now!