Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallows Eve & Wednesday Weigh In

Wait. First thing First - STL Blogger Meet up on November 30th. I am SUPER STOKED. I can't wait to meet all you chicks. PUMPED!  Holly posted about it yesterday and I am ALL over it people. So check it out over at "Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally". I think we tried the 10th, 17th, etc... but November 30th seems to work out PERFECTO. COME ON - it should be a ROCKING good time. I mean, you should want to come no matter WHAT to see Holly's tattoo:)

It is one of my favorite Holidays today!!! YAY!!! I wish I could say I had a Halloween party story for you this year, but I don't. We did the Biebs concert on Saturday, instead. Honestly, this is probably the FIRST Halloween in 8 years I didn't dress up or do SOMETHING - but "meh" the Biebs concerts EPICness would of BLEW anything out of the water. 

Elle's joke this year (since she is an angel) - How do angels greet one another?......HALO! BAH.. you can pick yourself off the floor now. kidding.

Wes's joke - Twick o Tweat - yep that is it folks!

Wednesday Weigh In - down 1lb since last week. A loss so that is good.

So I wanted to leave you with a few pics from last year's Halloween Party. My boss throws a phenomenal shindig, and I look forward to it each year. So in honor of today - HAPPY HALLOWEEN Buccaneer Style.

My boss's husband Matt and I
The Halloween dud (Eric) and I (he never dresses up - boo)
Matt, Myself, and Phyliss (my boss's sister) LOVE HER
Eric's little sister (GGW), Myself (Buccaneer Lady), and BFF Melissa (Siren)
Oh yeah.... one more thing - I am running a 5K this weekend on Saturday night called the Glo Run. My BFF Bridget (I am sure you have seen her in a million posts) and I are running it together. It is in Forest Park and starts at 6:30 p.m. It is going to be a TON of fun - glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow in the dark paint. You run through strobe lights, black lights, and at the end is a DJ until 10:00 p.m.- can someone shout "AWESOMENESS" - best part is- it is NOT timed - so just run and have fun:)

Ready to shake my tail feather with one of the coolest chicks I know. I also have kidnapped Bridget for the after party GNO - we are going OUT "Nicki Minaj" style, which equates to a few quite drinks at our friend Beth's house in dog-town, while her baby sleeps in the back bedroom. BAH. We are P.A.R.T.Y. animals.

P.S. - it's the last night to sign up for the GO St. Louis Half Marathon/Marathon/Family Fitness Weekend before the prices go up. AGH!!!!!!!!!! I still have NOT signed up - am I nervous? Why the he** should I be.. JUST DO IT!

P.P.S. - POTM starts tomorrow (November 1st) - let's do this peeps - Packing On The MILES for November. Mondays I will be posting about the prior weeks runs. GET YOUR RUN ON.


Have A SAFE Night

Any upcoming runs? Have you done the Glo Run before? What were you for Halloween?


  1. Ahhh... The Glo Run... I didn't know anyone doing that one, otherwise I would have been all over it. Like a stage five clinger following you to Dogtown, trying not to wake up the BAY-BEE. :)

    And I am loving the Halloween costume from last year! I hope you, E, Elle, and Wes have an awesome night!

    And I am going to sign up for that half now... Is this the one in April? I guess I will find out when I finish this comment box.

  2. Elle has a good sense of humor, I definitely LOLed at that joke! The Glo Run is going to be so much fun!

  3. I'm with runnergirlrevisited, I actually LOLed to myself this morning!!

    Aw I'm jealous, would love to meet other bloggers in the area!
    You have the prettiest smile. In every picture!

  4. How fun the glo run!! I'm gonna have to look into that! Your costume last year was super cute!! Love the jokes! Haha! Happy Halloween!!

  5. Love Elle's joke!



  6. Love the kiddos jokes! The Glo Run sounds so fun! If I were closer, I'd sign up just for the glow sticks and DJ! You looked HOT in your costume last year lady!!!! Way to go on the 1lb loss,that is AWESOME!!!!! Get it! Have fun tonight with your little trick or treaters!!!! :)

  7. i want to do a glo run - that would be freaking awesome!!!!!

  8. Happy Halloween! And have soooo much fun the glo run! I wanted to do a glo run or color run bit it was too late for me! :/ always next year!

  9. The Glo Run sounds like a blast, can't wait to see pictures! I told Holly that I may be able to make it to STL for the blogger meet-up on 11/30 so I would get to meet both of you. Yay!

    I got signed up for POTM, but I don't know that a half is in my future just yet. I need to get a few more 5K's under my belt first. Have fun tonight with your little cuties!

  10. I want to go to the meet uuuuuppppp!!!!!!! (Think whiny 5 yr old) no fair!!! I'd love to meet u hookers!

    Happy Halloween :)

  11. Glo Run looks like so much fun! Heading to sign up for POTM now! I'm so last minute- thanks for the reminder! Seriously, could you be any hotter as a pirate?! So jealous oft he STL bloggers link up. TEAR! Please drink one for me :(

  12. I wish I lived in STL so I could sign up for that half, too! I've been waffling over whether or not to run a half for weeks and weeks. I need to just commit and pick one!

    BTW, what are Wes and Elle going to be for Halloween tonight? Are you going to be the trick-or-treater chaperone, or will you make it a family affair? My dad got out of it every year when I was growing up, so I'm always curious!

  13. I want to do a Glo Run...that sounds like fun! We don't have any "fun" runs around here until next spring...Boo. And a bloggers meet up? I live in the wrong town I'm tellin' ya.

    Happy Halloween!!!

  14. The Glo Run looks amazing!!!! Have fun!!
    I wish I could meet you ladies November 30 :( it sounds so fun!!
    Dang I guess I should really make it official and sign up for my FIRST 1/2!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  15. Holla for a blogger meet up! We are going to get dooooowwn! I didn't realize the GLO run was this weekend or I would have been all over that! I need to sign up for GO... but signing up makes it so... permanent!

  16. Fun costumes! Happy Halloween!!

  17. love it!! Al doesnt dress up! :(
    Nominated you for this fun award,,,,

  18. Happy Halloween! I wish I lived closer so I could do the Glo Run!

  19. Ahhh! Happy Halloween! Love this holiday. So far today I have spent mine on a plane to where? The great state of Missouri! Too bad I won't be here the 30th for the meet up :/ Enjoy the trick or treating!

  20. St. Louis 7 hrs 58 mins / 517.44 miles..... hmmmm........ :-) You are too cute!!! Love Halloween!!