Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In My Top 5

Well it is Tuesday my friends - yippers - and tomorrow is Halloween. I love this Holiday - love it. I will post a few old Halloween pics tomorrow, in honor of the day.

I REALLY had a blast linking up with Aly yesterday, and her "I Wore What" link-up - it was hilarious. If you didn't get chance to check it out - DO, you will be laughing her tushy off. Man.. if any of those outfits ever DO come back - Lord help us all...

I wanted to take this post to explain why October 27th, 2012 will go down in the books as one of my top 5 BEST moments of my life. If you don't know, I took Elle (my oldest/daughter) to see her FIRST concert. We have had these Justin Bieber tickets since June/July(ish) - this was her b-day present back in August - so you can imagine the anticipation as the end of October drew nearer. She asked ALL the time if it was "the day" yet, we have been rocking out to his music hard core for 5 months straight, we have been making up our own dance routines, etc... We have been playing this UP for months so Saturday was the night...

I am going to do this "progression of the evening" in pictures - it really sums it up PERFECTLY.

She asked me to curl her hair and do her nails - right up my ally.
She wanted to be by ME (YAY) the whole day - getting ready.
What do you do in the parking lot - why dance of course.
Strike a Pose girls
Found our seats, grabbed soda, snacks and BEER for us mamas.
Smile girls - Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen are on now.
Dancing, Singing, and hanging with my bestie Elle.
Countdown to the BIEBS - love the girl in the background.
Wait, Wait, Wait... is that HIM?
AH MA GAH!!!!!! IT IS!!!
Immediately get out in the aisle in dance - don't you know the drill?
Concert Awe
Look REAL close... it's the Biebs. LOL
There you have it - awesomeness in the making.
TIRED girls but so happy
Post-Bieber Morning - woke up late, hair a mess, and needing water - spoken like at TRUE party girl.
Well that pretty much sums it up. We waited in line for 45 minutes, had to kick someone out of our seats, watched Elle dance in front of everyone at the concession stand, had our ears melt off by a thousand screaming girls, watched Dad's continue to drown their boredom in bottomless beers, danced our butts off, swayed our hands back and forth, listened to the girls chomp on pretzels and cotton candy (envious), held my girl tight, watched her scream and smile, felt her grab my hand and hug me, and the best moment of the night... walking back from the bathroom she looked up and smiled and said "This is the BEST night of my life". Yep I cried... THANK YOU Justin Bieber - you... my sweet darling, too pretty to be a boy with your luscious lips - just earned a ranking in my top 5 best moments of my life ~ all because my girl had the BEST NIGHT OF HER LIFE.

If you want a more unbiased (childless) recap of the evening for a 30 year old - check it out HERE - My twitter buddy sent me this link on Sunday and I was DYING - it was so, so, so very true. Next concert - I am going with them:)


Been to any fun concerts lately - upcoming one's? How do you feel about the Biebs? 


  1. How awesome!!! She will remember that night forever!

  2. oh my gossssh. Absolutely beyond adorable!! The pictures you took of her reaction is priceless!

    I'm so happy (and jealous haha!) of you guys seeing him!

  3. This made me cry! I cant wait till I can have these nights with my girls! I grew up always going to concerts. Total boy band lover here! ... and love the comment of too pretty to be a boy... totally true! And so itty bitty!!

  4. Oh my gosh this brought tears to my eyes!! You are an AWESOME mama!!

  5. Aw how fun! Even though my little one is only 2 she would have loved it too!

  6. Oh my goodness...the girls are too stinkin' cute!! I'm glad they had a BLAST! (And secretly, I'm sure I would've too...love some of the Biebs songs!!)

  7. I LOVED the "AH MA GAH!!!!!! IT IS!!!" picture! This was so stinkin sweet! She looks like she got all of her Mama's enthusiam too! Supper sass, love it!

  8. and with two boys I will N-E-V-E-R get to experience the amazingness of taking your kiddo to a concert. I need to borrow your kiddo :) ha ha

  9. That is so awesome!! I can't wait for Madison to be old enough to go to a concert! That picture of her face is PRICELESS. You totally win Mom of the year, plus you look like a total MILF!

  10. How fun!! Ah, that brings back memories of New Kids on the Block and Nsync concerts. Ha! Glad she had such a great time!

  11. That made me tear up! So sweet!

  12. So awesome! Mom of the Year!! =)

  13. Oh my gosh...priceless! I love the picture of her when she first saw him...LOL she's hooked for life, you can tell! :D Seriously, mom of the year award goes to you, hands down!!

  14. This post was too funny! She looks like she had an absolute blast and the pictures you got are priceless! And can I make a confession? I watched the Bieber document and I LOVED it.

  15. how awesome!!!! it made me tear up a bit. I'm so glad y'all had a blast. my mom to this day says the best memory of her life is taking my little sister to an NSYNC concert... something about those pretty girl boys :)

  16. Love the progression pics, they really do say it all. It looks like Elle had a blast and you really are mom of the year for taking her to her first concert. Not gonna lie, I'm a little bit jealous. :)

  17. Mother of the Year! Your daughter will remember this day for the rest of her life! I remember my mom taking me and a bunch of friends to see NKOTB the day before my 7th grade year. It wasn't my first concert, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I thought it was so cool that my mom let us go out on a "school night"!

    Glad you had a great time!

  18. This is too sweet! I remember back in the day how exciting concerts like that were. You are such a cool mom. She will for sure remember this forever. And I must say, her and her little friend's outfits are too cute! Do they make them in adult sizes? lol

    I also have accompanied a couple of kiddos to a Biebs concert and I can say I was scared for my life! The bleachers we sat on were literally shaking from kids stomping and cheering..it was insane lol

  19. This is so sweet! She will remember this concert with you forever! Girls are so much fun!

  20. That's adorable! Glad you had a great time. :)

    I love Halloween too. Looking forward to your Halloween pics :)

  21. Elle is way TOO precious. I was building up in excitement for you as you were posting pictures on instagram the other day. I am glad he lived up to everything she wanted it to be! By the morning after photo, I would say that was a YES! :)

    Good job, Mama Mel!!

  22. So AWESOME! I must say I am quite jealous of this top 5 moment- I too need to go this with O. Were the tickets crazy pricey? Looks like so much fun and the pictures are priceless.