Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lets Talk Tattoos Link Up

Alright Peeps don't forget about the "Let's Talk Tattos Link Up" on Tuesday.

Link Up and talk about your "skin statements" - when you got them, why you did, what they mean, etc... If you don't have tattoos, link up and talk about what you would LIKE to get if you did get any. He** you can even link up and tell us why you HATE them and think they are ridiculous. I am REALLY looking forward to reading everyone's posts.

The link up button is right below. Here are Instructions on how to add it to your post:

When you write your post and you want to add the link - just copy the HTML Txt in the box below the button from my page.

Then go into your post and in the upper left hand corner it says "Compose/HTML" - click on HTML (your post now becomes mumble jumble - don't freak out)

Paste the Txt into your post (I usually do at the end of the post so I don't mess any mumble jumble up)

Then you can click Compose again and VOILA the button is there (and your post looks normal again) When you click on the link - it should direct you back to the link up page.

As simple as that - you can let me know if you have trouble or have questions.

Enjoy this fine Sunday evening
Alright friends - this one works!! I finally got it. Follow the instructions above to link up:) I can't WAIT! 


  1. I'm getting the error also. When I ignore it and push save, the only thing that shows up is the 'a'. No button image.

  2. Looking forward to the link up!

  3. I love your blog! I'm following you on GFC :)

  4. I love this! Thanks- I'll be linking up.

  5. yay! Excited for this. Getting my post ready now!

  6. Will there be a spot on your blog for us to link back? :)


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