Wednesday, October 24, 2012

POTM and Favorite Things Give-a-way

I am pulling myself out of the sadness that is NO CARDS BASEBALL until April so I signed up for "Pile On The Miles (POTM)" in November. If you don't read Monica's blog Run.Eat.Repeat - which I am SURE you do - you are missing out. She is hilarious, adorable, and a true running inspiration - plus she is friends with SkinnyRunner who I blogstalk a million times a day. Each year in November she hosts POTM. This is the 1st year I joined. Monica is encouraging people to pile on the miles instead of the pounds this holiday season - so this is a fun way to do it. If you are interested in reading about it or want to join check it out HERE - if you do join - let me know. I will be posting about my weekly runs each Monday morning for the previous week - we can chit chat and motivate each other. Come on and JOIN ME. Things are so much better in numbers;)

Now, let the good times roll. I am going to be giving away a few of my favorite things to THANK YOU ALL - HUZZAH!!! I have reached 100 followers and cannot be MORE excited. Thank you for taking the time to read about me, my family, my life saga, my drama, and everything else I rant about. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you.

 So what will be in the box, you might ask?

1. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 
I use this religiously morning and night and have been for years. This stuff is AWESOME!
2. Maybelline The Falsies - Volume Express Mascara
Best Frugal Find EVER. I am obsessed with this mascara.
3. Essie Nail Polish - Gray color (Chinchilly)
My go to color - love grays for fall.
4. Tresemme Hair Spray - Extra Hold
The BEST Cheap Hair Spray - almost as good as Aqua Net. LOL
5. Monster Bag of Swedish Fish
It wouldn't be complete without some Swedish Fish
Well there you have it people - some of my FAVORITE things. If you like what you see and want to sign up to win this "Box of Mel", feel free to do so below. You can enter to win up until Friday, October 26th at midnight. I will announce the winner on Monday. All I ask is that you rub your tummy and pat yourself on the head, say "Make-a-lakea hi - make-a-Chineyo" (you know what series that phrase is from?), click your heels together 3 times then pop/lock/drop and do the tootsie roll. KIDDING... Just hook it up and be a follower over "hur" on the right. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. I'm sad there's no more baseball too!! BOO!!
    Thanks for sharing the POTM's I've never heard of it but I totally signed up!!!
    YAY for 100 followers! I remember getting really excited when I hit 100!

  2. LOVE your box of goodies!! Swedish fish are my FAVORITE!!!

  3. I'm doing pile on the miles too! I'm signing up today! I'm so excited for it!

  4. The POTM challenge is very intriguing, I will have to check it out. Love your gift box items! Too bad I can't enter until I get home. Damn corporate internet.

  5. Oh I love Aveno Daily moisturizers too! And I totally will be signing up for this Pile on the miles too!

  6. Baseball and I are fighting. No, sorry, I should rephrase that. The Yankees and I are fighting. But, at least there is football season now...except even my team isn't doing so hot there either...

    Essie has some of the best colors. LOVE.

  7. Great box of favorites!!

    I'd like to do POTM, might have to sign up today too!

  8. Make-a-lakea hi - make-a-Chineo- I want to tie this into a Christmas movie, but Forgetting Sarah Marshal is coming up too...Consumed with one track mind Holiday/Vacation over here! LOVE the box of favorites, I want to try some of those swedish fish! Heading over to learn about POTM, sounds like it's right up my alley :) Hope you're having a great day Mel!

    1. Bah.. it was Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I know I am crazy. I love all that weird jazz.

  9. I've never heard of POTM! Then again, I've only been running since February. Enticing...I might have to do it. Thanks for the tip off!

    Also, I use that mascara too, and I agree it is the BEST!

  10. New follower and I'm so glad I found you! Can't wait to sign up for the POTM!

  11. Fun! I have chinchilly on my toes right now. One of my favorite parts of fall is transitioning to fall nail polish colors. I love a good greige ;)

  12. Your blog's been blowing up, girl! Love it.

  13. Thanks for the POTM link...I've never heard of it but I'm totally signing up.

    Congrats on hitting 100 followers! Love the give a way :)

  14. I love SkinnyRunner too! :D I just signed up for the POTM challenge...totally need any help I can get for the holidays this year!!

  15. Woohoo! Love this stuff too! I am working on a post so I will do a shout for people to come enter your AWESOME give-away!

  16. How fun is this giveaway? You are adorable :)
    By the way...I nominated you for a Liebster Award.
    Check it out here...

    Have a blessed day!

  17. You are so fun Mel! I love the chinchilly color of Essie Nail polish, I wear it constantly, my husband makes fun of my purply-grey nails, lol :) Hubby and I were super upset the Cards lost, but because of my 3 year old son's obsession with baseball, we'll watch the rest of the world series (And probably DVR a game so that he can watch it all winter long)....

  18. Love these kind of giveaways! So fun!