Saturday, October 27, 2012

Questions and Winner Sneak Peak

Well hello there on another Saturday morning. I am writing this post on Friday BECAUSE Saturday morning we will be getting our family pictures at Suson Park by the lovely and most talented Kelly at Kelly Reinholz Photography. Kelly has been a friend for a LONG time - since high-school, we went to college together, and now I still get the pleasure of seeing her. She is an AMAZING photographer and always was an "artistic mama" from day one. I absolutely adore her style and she is so laid back and easy going - a TOTAL PLUS when you have to deal with my family. AGH!!!!!!! Craziness... If you are in the St. Louis area or surrounding areas - check her out. If you want to see a few of the Waterkotte photo sessions - check them out HERE and HERE. This will be our 3rd year using her and I can't wait.

Also to keep you up-to-date on my life - because I know you REALLY care - NOT;) I will be taking Elle to see her 1st concert tonight - JUSTIN BIEBER. I am so pumped I could scream and dance Gangnam Style. I am hoping the Biebs makes Elle fall in love with "concert going" the way I did. However, my concerts usually include 80's hair bands (Def Leppard Love), Classic Rock (insert Stevie Nicks my favorite person of ALL TIME), or Alternative music. So here is to a great night with the BIEBS and my baby, baby, baby, oooooooooo yeah,  baby.

FINALLY - my sweet, lovely, beautiful friend Erin had a few questions she asked me from her Liebster Award post - so I wanted to answer them. If you haven't went to Erin's blog before - it is called Homemade Happenings - go check her out. She has TONS of recipes, book recommendations for the kids, fun football stuff, and recently she posted on dreams - this one MIGHT just be why I consider her my bbf. I love dream interpretation and truly believe they MEAN something - so Erin Mwah!! to you. A few of her questions were the same as yesterdays - so I answered the NEW ones. I didn't want to bore the bejingles out of you. Jess from Mommy Mishaps also had a few questions for me as well. Jess is new to the blogging world, so please head on over and show her some love and hopefully she gets as addicted to this blogging thing as I do. Thank you BOTH again for the super sweet nomination.

Erin's Questions:
  1. Which dead celebrity would you like to have supper with? Explain. - Hum... Marilyn Monroe - no explanation needed. Did you do JFK or not, girl - spill the deets on that stud? 
  2. What is your one guilty pleasure (talking food)? - Swedish Fish
  3. Turkey or ham sandwich? - Turkey, but I do love me a good ham sammich too.
  4. What color of polish is on your toes right now? - "Miss Fancy Pants" by ESSIE
  5. Would you rather eat 5 cockroaches or lay in a coffin with snakes slithering all over you? - I LOL to this - if you read my "irrational fear" from yesterday you would know I would eat the roaches for SURE. 
  6. What is your favorite time of day?  What are you usually doing then? - Morning. I am a morning girl. I get up, run, work-out, and blog before the rest of the house awakes. Pure bliss...
  7. Which perfume do you wear? - I don't wear perfume - my sweat smells fabulous...  I do own a bottle and it is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. The ONLY kind I would ever wear.
  8. Describe the perfect vacation. - White sandy beach, with the family on a semi-secluded island, with a nanny in tow. He (the nanny, of course he is male, he is MY nanny) entertains the kids for a bit while E and I frolic in the water while drinking our fruity drinks. All of the family meets up for afternoon fun, dinner, and dancing. Then E and I (and maybe the nanny - hahaha - kidding - he is watching the kids) sit out on the beach at night and drink champagne, listen to the waves, and actually have an ADULT conversation. Heaven.
  9. Flannel or cotton sheets? - Sorry guys I don't like - too flippin hot. So cotton all the way.
  10. Who is your favorite singer or group of all time? - Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) HANDS down. Just like the white winged dove sings a song, sounds like she's singing, eww baby eww -  said eww. I want to wear flowly sleeves and have that voice. Love her.

Stevie Nicks - Gorgeous

Jess's Questions:
What is the stupidest thing you have ever done and what was the outcome? -  Great question and honestly I have done a TON of stupid things in my life and they all played out okay because I am very happy with who I am on the inside.
Describe the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? It would have to be my brown eyed babies. Their gorgeous skin, huge smiles, imperfect teeth, big brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, etc... are the MOST beautiful thing to me in the ENTIRE world.
10 years ago, where did you think you would be? Not going to lie... right where I am. I was engaged and hoping for 2 babies, a beautiful home, and a good career. BINGO!
Where do you aspire to be in 10 years from now? I would be right about 42 years old - so Elle would be 15 and Wes 13 ~ let's just say times might be getting rough BUT I hope to be driving these kids around to all their stuff, reading my Naughty Novels on the beach each year in the Hampton's with my girlfriends, and still happily married and "in love". Oh yeah.. and working still but maybe part-time.
Do you hold onto anything you need to let go of - can you share? I would have to say the hardest thing to let go of was the anger I had from the whole "ex" thing. If you haven't read about it you can HERE. It took MANY years for me to forgive him but I have and my life has been so much more pleasant since. I don't hold onto things - I once attended a motivational speaker's seminar hosted by Tammy West - changed my life completely. I let go - life is too short.
What is your life's legacy - what do you want to be known for? A loving, involved, and fun mommy who loves her kids, husband, and life in general - who worked HARD for the things she has, but never let a day go by where she didn't ENJOY who she was.
Is there anything you pretend to understand but don't? Hum.... I guess it would be how others can let their houses get so messy. Sorry guys I just don't get it?!?! I mean to each their own, but REALLY pick up a little here, little there - yeah I don't get it.
Worst Habit? I am a freak about dishes. After dinner I will get up and start cleaning up before everyone is done. Habit of mine that Eric and guests HATE. I don't know I just want it all picked up and THEN I can relax and enjoy.
Most attractive attribute? I am going with the fact that I am outgoing and basically you can throw me to the wolves and I will try and befriend them. I love awkward situations and trying to swim not sink. Put me out there and let me see what I can do? HA.
Relationship that means the most to you? God and Eric. Ha.. how are they both in the same sentence? BAH. I find this to be the triangle that keeps me grounded - myself, God, and Eric.

Alright the moment you have been waiting for... The winner of the "Mel's Favorite Things" box is
 If you could email me at then I will get you all hooked up and the box on it's way. If not, I have your email and will email you - CONGRATS girl and thanks for playing. YAY and thank you all who entered. It was a ton of fun. I will post this again on Monday - as I stated before but I got all antsy and couldn't wait. Kind of like how I tell everyone what their Christmas gifts are WELL before the day. LOL

Happy Weekend

Any favorite things I should know about? Do you love Stevie? What's your life's legacy?


  1. aw I've never had pictures done like that before, hope you had a great time!

    I'm so jealous you get to see Bieber in concert haha! I heard he puts on a great show during this tour.

  2. Love Stevie and Fleetwood Mac! I'm named after Lindsey Buckingham, her ex! Ha! Have fun at the concert! I'll be watching for pics on Instagram!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to hear about the concert :)

  4. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now ! Wanna be your friend!
    Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC and add me as a friend in GFC
    love you dear :)

  5. That photo is beautiful--I'm sure this year's will be too! I think it's hilarious that what came to mind for you first on the something you pretend to understand is why other people's houses are messy!

  6. I'm going to have to call her for some family pictures... give me a month to lose 5 more pounds. Also, when you get your new pictures back and you want a new "About ME" picture, Chris will switch it out for you fffaaa freee. :)

    Anyway, I'm glad you and Elle had fun with the Biebs!!

  7. Love the pictures from the last two years, your family is just so photogenic! Can't wait to hear all about the Bieb's concert. I'm sure Elle had a blast.

  8. YAYYY I WON! I'm so stoked.

    I hope you have tons of fun at the concert! I am seriously a little jealous.

    Can't wait to see the family pics :)

  9. Cute post. Nice blog. Follow each other?