Saturday, October 13, 2012

Run A Muck (Surprise Saturday Post)

Well this is unusual isn't it - a post on a Saturday - GASP! I begged and pleaded for my good friend Laura to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do a guest post for me. Kidding -  I asked her once and she was like "okay". Laura is my running partner and was for the half-marathon last weekend. 

After writing the MO Cowbell half-marathon post, I had a ton of interested parties wanting to know how, when, why, and when? So I thought it would be most fitting if you heard my girl's version - plus I am sure you are sick of listening to my rants and antics.

Laura in all her running glory - with her sweet daughter T.
With further ado....

Sooooo... This good friend of mine Melanie asked me to be a guest on her blog and talk about our Half Marathon experience, so here it goes!
WHAT UP, WHAT UP (Picture my husband rolling his eyes at me)!
I'm a 33 year old mother of two who loves to run!  I recently finished the MO Cowbell half marathon (insert Saturday night live joke here) with Melanie. Yes, they actually give you a cowbell and my 2 y.o. keeps asking me where the cow is?!  What a blast!  I ran the Solutia Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon last October with another amazing lady (props to Angie), so this was my second race.  I have to say that training with someone is key!  They hold you accountable, keep you motivated, become your therapist, and before it's over, you know each others bowel patterns (HA)! 

Melanie and and I followed the training schedule listed on the MO Cowbell website. In the past I have used Hal Higdon's guide!  Hal is not messing around, so be prepared to lose weight, have sore muscles, and curse his name a few times a week!  THE RESULTS ARE SO WORTH IT!  We ran the short runs during the week whenever we could.  Usually we did these on our own, but once during the week we met and ran together while our daughters had dance class (if we chose not to have margaritas instead). Key life lesson: Margaritas are important!  You might ask how we fit these in?  Basically I stopped telling myself that I didn't have time- I have time damn it! So some days I got up at 5 am and ran rain or shine, and some nights I ran in the evening with the lightning bugs and gnats (extra protein when they flew in my mouth)!  We have time ladies!  It's not fun sometimes, but I never once said to myself "I wish I hadn't run today!"  For the long runs, Melanie and I met up and ran together!  By running the long runs together, they went by much faster and we were able to set a pace and run together (invest in a GPS watch)!  Although I often woke up dreading these runs, I was secretly a little excited too!  I mean getting 1-2 hours free of interruptions is pretty dreamy!  Not to mention, that this is when you really get to know someone!  I can say that aside from losing some weight, toning my legs, feeling better about myself, having more energy, and not beating myself up for avoiding exercise, I gained an amazing friend. 
If you are considering training for a run, do it!  Don't tell yourself that you don't have time, you can make time.  You deserve it!  Grab a friend and HOLA BACK YA'LL WOOT, WOOT!
Thanks for reading !

Yep... are you all teary eyed? I am... 

Thank you Laura lady for listening to all my stories of E's yard madness (he loves his yard more than me), Elle's morning drama llamas, Wes's fits through the nights, dog poop on the floor stories, family craziness, work related shenanigans, my "I want a new ring" craziness, etc... We ran in the HOT - We ran in the COLD - but it was not so bad, because we ran TOGETHER! 

Thank you for MAKING the time to get out there and GO - to push me when I wanted to give up - and for ALWAYS being there for me (insert crying again) - and most importantly, on our Thursday week runs, for choosing MARGARITAS the MAJORITY of the time. MWAH!!!

I hope you all enjoyed a good read from Laura and a little surprise break from me today:) So go grab yourself a running partner or group and have some FUN while training.

Have a Most Righteous Weekend


  1. I wish I had a running buddy! You guys look like you are having so much fun :)

  2. OMG, I think Laura is my long lost friend!! Woot woot!!! <----- that is soooo totally me!!! I yell that often and w/o regard!!!! Holla! :) And now I'm jealous that I don't know anyone close enough to go thru the hell of learning to run with me!

    Oh, and I never get tired of reading your antics! :)

  3. Laura sounds like a doll! Great post, she is just a blogging natural. And a good friend will push you to run, but also know when you need a margarita instead. :)

  4. Running with others is the best:-) It REALLY helps the time to fly by!