Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Smiley Face Wednesday

WEDNESDAY! WOOT WOOT:) Okay so I am going to tell you all about some things that have happened recently or will happen soon that put(s) a BIG smile on my face.

See I smile BIG:) (I think I was two sheets to the wind here) 
First things first - our beloved St. Louis Cardinals clinched the Wild Card spot last night. They may have lost to the Reds last night, but the LA Dodgers were eliminated by the SF Giants. So here is a big CHEERS to Redbird Nation. AGH!!!!!!!!!!! Now let's do this on Friday night - come on BIRDS.

Yes I wear hats. Yes I look like a 12 year old boy.
Secondly - The St. Louis RAMS are hosting Thursday nights game. You all know Thursday is Elle dance night - so I usually have margaritas while she spins and twirls, but this week we are running. So I will have to tune in when I get home or listen to AM radio on my ole school walkman while I pound the pavement. Honestly I am so pumped to watch this man's rear run around. I swear I am starting to obsess over this man as much as I did over Curtis Joseph when he played hockey for the Blues. "Like a shrine in your room with candles lit" kind of thing. Kidding. not really.

I LURVE YOU Danny Amendola
Thirdly - I woke up today when my alarm went off at 4 am. I need to get 4 miles of running in today and I wanted to run this morning, but when that alarm went off -  I smacked the bejeezus out of the snooze button and slept for 1.5 more hours. - I feel great and am actually looking forward to my night run tonight. YAY for more sleep.

Fourthly - Friday night at the Goddard School Round-up, a parent came up to me that has a child in Wesley's class. She told me what a sweet little boy I have. Her daughter is new to the school and Wesley makes sure to play  and include her in the daily activities (as much as a 2 year old can). She sang the Wes man's praises and I beamed. My colicky terrorizer IS a sweet boy - yay!!

My community helper in hideous crocs. ha:)
Fifth - You know that thing you hate, that makes you so mad, lies to you, makes you cry, and scares the shiz out of you? You know... THE SCALE. I hate it and I am going to confess, I haven't been on it in over a month. The sight of it makes me want to puke or punch something. Well, the reason I am putting this in my "big smile" category is that next week I am going to start a "Weigh in Wednesday" of my own and actually hop up on that devil. So I am smiling because this is the LAST Wednesday I probably will be smiling in the morning after that sucker displays reality. Ugh...

My "kind of" scale
Finally - Did I happen to mention my half-marathon is SUNDAY? LOL - I know you have heard it a thousand times, but I am so STOKED. Today I am running 4 miles. Tomorrow, Laura and I will run another 4 miles. Friday I am going to get up early and do a 3 miler. Saturday Laura and I are going to the expo to pick up our bib(s) and free goodies, then I will do a quick 2 miles that night for a good stretchy stretch, and have a high protein, good carb dinner. Sunday is race day and we have to be there SUPER early. The race starts at 7:30 a.m. - so I am sure I won't sleep well the night before with all the anticipation. I have to get up, eat, stretch, eat more, hydrate, and then we have about a 45 minute drive to the race. HUZZAH. I am going to recap the WHOLE race day for you next week.

So enough smiling rambling for you today. 
Have a superb Wednesday:)   

Do you hate the scale as much as me? Isn't Danny a doll? Are you a part of RedBird Nation (you better be)?


  1. I can't tell you how much I hate the scale. However, I have a friend in class that is my accountability partner in eating right and working out. If we reach our goal by the end of the semester...SPA DAY!! So I have to cozy up to the scale for the next couple of months :/

    I'm not a Cardinals fan but I will make you a deal. If you play the Giants and beat the snot out of them...I will root for the Cardinals. I completely loathe 'The Freak' and the Giants. I'm a Padres girl :)

    Anyway...glad you are having a great Wednesday!

  2. I too hate the scale...even when it tells me what I want to hear! Bah! Your little man is so sweet! Its amazing how they can be such little shits one minute and then the next they are sweet as pie! Makes a mama want a Xanax and a glass of wine. Yay for Smiley Wednesdays! :)

  3. I was also super pumped that we got the wild card! YAY!!! Maybe I will take Danny on my ol fantasy team this week. Last week I had Julio Jones who did jack crap! Little Wes already the ladies man :-) Can't wait for your marathon recap!!!

  4. Wednesday Weigh-in, you're my hero! I bet it will feel freeing. Maybe I'll follow soon. I can't wait to read all about the race! and Lastly, you're cutie Wesley even makes crocks look good! Happy Wednesday to you Mel!

  5. Your post made me smile! What a great list of things to be happy about. Can I just tell you how much I miss living in a city with good sports teams? The Royals and Chiefs can suck it.

    Good luck on your half! Sending good running vibes your way, I'm sure you'll do great! Should I throw in a few more exclamation marks for emphasis? I always feel like I go overboard.

  6. YOU make me smile! Seriously, I always smile when reading your blog! Wes is a cutie, love that gettup he has on!

  7. Everyone within a 200 mile radius of you is apart of Red Bird nation... We even had a food party today at work-- talk about not wanting to get on the scale.

    But I am soooooo EXCITED for your half marathon on Sunday. I hope you take lots of pictures and feast afterwards. And you should be so proud of yourself. SO many say they wanna run a half... but you are actually doing the work... talking the talk and walking the walk.

    Enjoy the celebatory weekend!

  8. LOVE Your Blog -- came on over from Holly's page....

    OMG Your comment about COJO - LOVE!!! I loved him.. And MR Amendola wow I may become a RAMS fan (in the land of The Skins....) No worries I am actually a Patriots fan.. lol

    ANDDD Sorry to say but the Braves will win on Friday! <3

    Hope we can still be friends after friday.. =)

    1. I am so glad you popped on by - yay!!!! I am still going Cards on Friday - hehehe AND yes if I am depressed on Saturday I won't blame it on you:)
      Thanks for checking me out:)

  9. I was on a scaling hiatus! Starting back will either be my friend or my fo....time will tell!! Can't wait to hear about your half!