Thursday, October 4, 2012

Used to Hate It - Now I Love it

I know I already posted one time today BUT something weird happened and sparked this post too.

Today is dedicated to things I used to loathe about myself but now I have grown to love. So weird thing... I got this Direct Message on Twitter, this morning, that someone on Twitter was talking "ish" about me or saying cruel things. See I am not used to all this twitter/instagram/blogging world stuff and all this craziness is insanely NEW to me. I immediately went into "Mel Freak Out" mode and tried to click the link to find out "who" was this negative person. I was on about a 20 minute hunt when - long story short - the link was deemed "not gonna happen" by my security software. This 20 minutes of anxiety stricken panic, lead me to a revelation today.

The Real Deal: I am not going to lie - I DO care what other people think, I DO wonder if what I say/not say is going to hurt someone, I DO want to keep the peace, AND I DON'T like people talking about me. I should of realized that when I started this blog and "put myself out there" that along with the good, came the bad. Not EVERYONE is going to like me - not EVERYONE is going to agree with me - not EVERYONE is going to get my humor - not EVERYONE is going to find The Rock as hot as I do, etc... So revelation time - I NEED to work on this. I NEED to start loving some of the things I used to loathe or that people made/make fun of - so I am starting a list.

I used to Hate It - Now I am learning to Love It 

1. Yes I have a square face but I adore my high cheek bones that sit on it
2. Yes my nose is not the most perfect but it is not the worst either
3. Yes my (.)(.) are not super perky but I have been through two beautiful births that make up for it.
4. Yes my arms are the biggest part on me, but they are STRONG. 
5. Yes I did have a flat bottom, but after MANY squats and much running it is toning up like a demon.
6. Yes I dress up a lot - do I think it is called "overdressing" - sorry that word is not in my repertoire.

1. Yes I am a clean freak and it might freak people out - but cleaning is therapeutic to me
2. Yes I laugh/smile all the time - and guess what? It makes me happy
3. Yes I will kill you with kindness even if you treat me bad - because that is who I am - a kind person.
4. Yes I make lists in my head and check them off as needed. 
5. Yes I will yell at my husband in front of you because that is who we are and who we have been since day 1
6. Yes I enjoy acting like a goof ball and NO I will not feel immature for it
7. Yes I do get sad, Yes I do cry, and it feels good doing it.
8. Yes I stock pile my life up with things to do and people to see - and why? because I thrive being around people. 
9. I am a TRUE extrovert to the max and I am okay with it - that is who I am.

Alright there you have it - two posts today. One for fun and one sparked by someone or something (not even sure it was true) that had me all freaked out this morning. Thanks for that twitter person - said no one ever.

See you all tomorrow at the Vlog link up - check out the deets on the post below.


  1. So much of this post I can relate to!
    1)I did an "Epiphany" post not too long ago. It was my realization post, about how I care waaaaay too much about what other people think and hurting their feelings.
    2)I constantly have a list going on in my head, on my phone, on a notepad.
    3)Totally get how cleaning can be therapeautic (sp?) and I get down on myself if I feel like I spend more time cleaning than playing with my kiddo. Uaually means I am too much going on in my head.

    Oh and your comment on my "Diary of Wimpy Mom" post about made me pee my pants. The visual is just what I needed to not feel like I am only equipped to raise one kiddo. Seriously my child was in pain last night and I could do was breathe to keep myself from passing out. Pathetic much?

    Nice to "meet" you and your hair is phenomenal!!!!

  2. Great post! I think you're awesome and wish I could be more like you.

  3. I'm so not stalking you by commenting twice in under 5 minutes, but I love this post! I'm the same way! And hell no - "overdressing" isn't even in the dictionary, is it? I'm one of the 3 office overdressers where I work and I say everyone else is just jealous! Keep on keepin' on, sista!

  4. Stick to who YOU are. Whenver you are sad, just be awesome instead. It's infectious and there will always be people who LOVE YOU for who you are! Muah.

  5. OK love this! Here's to being clean freaks! It is hard not to care about what other people think. So instead of getting TOO much more worked up you "kept calm and blogged about it" which is the BEST way to react (in my opinion).


  6. oh I can so relate to this post! Anyone who talks about someone else behind their back obviously has no life and is jealous of your fabulousness! :D

  7. I love you, Melanie. Seriously, you are my new favorite blogger. And anyone who isn't a clean freak, just gives me an unhealthy amount of anxiety. You are gorgeous, my friend-- I'm glad you're owning it.

    And you and I will be yelling at our hubby's at the same time. He only hears me when I'm yelling. HAHA

  8. Haters gonna hate. Do your thing, girl. XO

  9. I love this post Melanie. You are putting it all out there, and YOU SHOULD love yourself for everything you are! I'm not sure if you're religious, so I'll quote Dr. Suess “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” And that my dear is something to treasure. You seem like an awesome lady and I cannot wait to get to know you better!!

  10. This post is so great! If everyone listed the things they love about themselves, they would be too busy to say or think negative things about others. I think that as a woman, loving yourself and everything about yourself without being sorry and without caring if other people love them too is a revolution--a revolution I am thrilled to be part of! Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Sending good vibes on your Half Marathon tomorrow! You will kill it!

    Please do a post on how it goes!

  12. i love this positive post! :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie