Thursday, November 8, 2012

D.A. BayBay

Let's all take a moment of silence........AND welcome the return of DANNY AMENDOLA. HUZZAH!!!!! My Sunday afternoon will be COMPLETE. For real the Rams are not great - but this man is SPECTACULAR on the eyes.  I am not going to lie, I have completely MISSED this man. Welcome back baybay;)

Okay well with that being said, it is Thursday people. A few of you have been asking what I have been doing to eat "clean". I think my definition of "clean" is pretty simple besides that 1 Jack N Box taco I ate a few days ago. I am eating a ton of veggies, fruits, protein and TRYING to eliminate all that sugary stuff.  Typical day would look like this...

Breakfast - Banana, wheat english muffin, low fat string cheese or eggs and turkey bacon
Lunch - Salad (or veggie of some kind) and yogurt (throw in some pine nuts)
Afternoon Snack - orange and low fat string cheese (sometimes a Luna bar)
Dinner - NO CARBS... I am TRYING not to NOT eat carbs after my afternoon snack. So it would be protein, veggie, and fruit for dinner. BUT sometimes the carbs slip in - so whatev! Smaller portions.

Plus I upped my water intake so that has helped. Honestly that is about it, and I have not been eating unless my body is hungry. So yep.. my magical plan - NOT! Honestly guys I LOVE to eat, like "I can't wait to think of the what my next meal is going to be" - I am TERRIBLE. So this "mind over matter" thing is hella hard for me. Yes I run, Yes I workout, but put a nice Little Debbie Fudge Brownies box in front me of me, and I am sunk. I love those fudgy pieces of processed heaven!

Also a few people have asked where I find all these fun runs that I sign up for. Like the Glo Run, the half marathon I ran last month called the MO Cowbell, and my upcoming run in December called Santa's North Pole Dash (you get to wear a freaking beard and Santa hat - um... yeah....sign me up!).

Okay, so I follow Fleet Feet (you may have one in your area - running store) - if you live in Missouri - check out the calendar HERE. I also keep up with Big River Running Company - another running store. If I continually check out BOTH - I don't miss any. So there you have it folks!!! Now get out there and sign up for this shi*! Fun runs are a MAJOR plus and REALLY get you motivated and might even start that running "bug". Having that "bug" is a GREAT feeling:)

So I am going to keep at this, continue working out, hitting the pavement, and keep on keepin on..

Stay Sexy Peeps
What do you do to eat clean? Do you want to watch Danny with me? What is your food vice?


  1. Chips and dip have always been my vice. Like wavy lays ranch or chili cheese fritos and ranch or french onion dip....ERMAGERD! I could eat that until I am ready to puke. Other than a tortillia chip hear or there I have cut them out of my life. The hold those devilish foods had on me is so much less than it was in the beginning. I still crave sandwiches for the chips alone, but it is better than it was. Damn now I want a sandwich and chips at 6:40 am. Lol

  2. Green Eggs Cafe in Philly is my favorite breakfast/brunch place! Whenever I visit my sister in the city we have to go there. I always get the creme brûlée French toast, she likes the eggs Benedict with salmon. I think one of their locations is close to where you're staying too! Have fun visiting the city!

    1. Thank you Kelly so much - this is very helpful.

  3. Well its working, you look awesome and obviosuly have the energy, with all this fun runs you keep doing :) Wish I lived closer, I want to run with a beard and hat!!

  4. OMG he is so hot. I have not ran in a week and I've been eating horrible (aunt flo) but somehow I have maintained my weight. I need to get back on it!

  5. You are so dedicated!! I'm seriously so inspired by you!

    I generally try to eat clean, too! It really does make a difference. That said, just about EVERY time I walk into the grocery store I have to battle the overwhelming temptation to stick a box of blueberry muffin mix into my cart. I do not remember the last time I had muffins but OH GOOD LORD how I crave them! :)

  6. I am such a breakfast person. I love pancakes and bagels and BACON. Since I cut out all grains though, breakfast is tough. Scrambled eggs and smoothies have been my fallback. Fortunately, I can still have bacon.

    I have been finding races on That seems to be a pretty good website to register for runs. (I'm such an expert with my whole two races I've signed up for).

  7. He is definitely a looker :) you look absolutely fabulous!! I'm with you on the little Debbie brownies...or anything Little Debbie for that matter!! I'm using portion control and limiting sweets. I have turned down a big juicy burger and pizza at work and just ate my 250 calorie Lean Cuisine!! It's hard but worth it! I'm down 4.6 pounds! Got about 15 to go!

  8. um is Danny single and where can I find him to stalk him!!!!! O-M-G :) wow

  9. Sexy Football players, the only reason I tune in on Sunday's! Thank you for the typical meal day, it looks quite similar to mine. I think I may need to eat less, or my body just hates me and doesn't want me to reach goal weight. Ffff must keep running! Jealous of that Santa run!

  10. OMG I agree he is Hot!! I also think Alex Smith is rather amazing looking and makes me want to cheer for the 49ers(a huge no-no in our house, Seahwaks only :) And Girl let me tell you, I feel you on those brownies! espically the cosmic ones (with the little colored pieces) A-M-A-Z-E-B-A-L-L-S!! not so amazeballs is the way they stay on my hips forever! ugh! And if you ever want another place to look for runs I also suggest you can look them up by state :) Hope you have a great Thursday!

  11. I love Spaghetti Squash when I am craving carbs. My vice is soda. I can not stand diet. I do not know how to give it up. The longest I went was 11 weeks. Then I jumped right back on the background like I never stopped.... dang you will power.... :-)

  12. Pretty sure I just became a Rams fan....thanks for that. lol. Keep up the good work. I'm hoping to catch that running bug soon!

  13. I need to get on board the "clean" eating thing but I LOVE sugar. I saw a nike saying once that said I run for desserts, now that is my motto. Good job, mind over matter!

  14. Thank you for posting a typical day in the life of Mel-food wise. I definitely try to watch my carbs and sugar but like you, I can't turn down a good little Debbie. Gotta get better with that. But judging from your recent pictures on Instagram, something is working! You look phenom and are inspiring me to do better. Keep it up hot mama!

  15. Seriously.... super hot!!! <3