Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November...

Howdy peeps. Today is the first of November - so you know what the means - a CRAZY month is about to begin. This November is SWAMPED for me ~ no, not just swamped - it is Flippin Furious. So let me fill you in, but before I do... go check out my girl Annie from Crazy, Simple, Mama (who won my give-a-way - YAY) she is hosting one of her own and her's is AWESOME - filled with OPI polish, JM workouts, Biolage products, an adorable owl necklace (ohhh Angela - your fav girl)!

Okay back to chaos. November is POTM - hope you signed up if you want to run your bum off before December. So keep this in mind - my goal is to run a total of 75 miles for the month of November. Yep.. with all the rest of my life unfolding, I am going to be run 75 miles in 30 days. I can do this, right?


Back to it - this weekend I have the Glo Run on November 3rd - a 5K - looking forward to that. Then it is election week, November 6th if you don't know? LOL (yes I become a stress BALL that week and feel like I could PUKE at any moments notice).

Then I start packing because I head to Philadelphia (work related sans kids) on Saturday, November 10th and I return on Wednesday, November 14th - so if you are from the East Coast and can help a sister out - I need some good eateries and night spots? We plan to train it up to NYC for a day trip (now uncertain with Sandy and all?). The day after I return are Parent/Teacher Conferences at The Goddard School in the evening. Luckily that weekend is empty (for now).

The week of November 19th I begin prepping for my Thanksgiving Day Feast I hold for 30+ at my house - so I am STRESSED again - throw in a Holiday Party at Goddard the day before T-day. That weekend on the 24th we have a B-day party for one of Elle's classmates. Now with all this going on - I am thinking of adding to my madness by wanting to run the Arnold Gobble Gobble 5k Run at 8:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving. Now I get up at 5am that day and start the whole "process" for my gathering - is adding this in crazy - or will it be just the thing I NEED to release some stress? Your thoughts?

The following week - November 26th -  I have 2 doctor appts and a Winter Festival at the kids school so by the 30th and the STL Blogger meet up - I may get a tad crazy. It will be my last RELEASE before December - so watch out.. haha - you girls are going to meet me and think - LAME-O!! HA.

Okay so I used you all today, forgive me - I used this post to help me lay out the month of November. AGH!!!! Now... as much as this agenda makes my head spin - I live for this shi*.

HALO:) November... you are going to be a BIA

What does your November look like? Help a mid-west girl out wandering in the East Coast? Do you host Thanksgiving?


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm stressed out just reading this! And yes, you are crazy for wanting to get up and do a 5K before hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house. Fortunately, its the good kind of crazy. :)

    Have fun on your trip, I've never been to NYC so I don't have any suggestions for you. I'm so boring.

  2. Ooooh you've got a super busy month coming up! I forgot your Thanksgiving is coming up. That's a looot of people to do hosting duties for.

    I'd say sign up for the race - it might just be that relief that's needed!
    My month is going to be a bit stressful when it comes to work. :(

    And YES, you can pile on those miles, yes, yes!!

  3. looking forward to all your posts documenting your awesome month of November!!!!

  4. 75 miles you go girl! U got this! Running a 5k on thanksgiving morning before u have 30 people over is... Crazy!!!! Lol I wouldn't do it!

  5. Do the run!!! You got me thinking about all the stuff I have to do this month, EEEKK Holiday Season is upon us! Busy busy busy days ahead!

  6. Dang, lady- you are BIZZAY! Hope you have a wonderful month though! Sounds like a lot of excitement.

    Do the 5k! Why not at this point :)

    Can't wait to see you at the STL blogger meet up!

  7. Hooray for the blogger meet up!! We will for sure unwind! This month is crazy for me too... Travel, planning holidays, trying not to eat my weight in candy, It's a mess! and I love it!

  8. Ugh, this sounds like my November! Crazy busy! But love it, it makes the month go faster so we can hurry up and get eating some Pumpkin Pie! Have fun in Philly, can't help you out there, I've never been that direction before.

  9. I am DIGGING the owl necklace - you are so right!

    BTW: have I ever told you that you seem like such a swanky, hip mama? I LOVE that you are heading out of town for a few days for work, and need "night spots" recommendations. I heart you!

  10. I am really excited about POTM... these types of challenges help keep me accountable!

  11. Oy vey, that's a lot of happenings, lady!

    I saw your tweet about POTM yesterday and signed up. Eek!

  12. Holy cow! That is one busy November! I read about POTM on your blog last week and I signed up too, can't wait to hear how it goes. =)

  13. You sound like Super Mom! And for NYC some of the best food I had in the three days I was there was the typical touristy food - pizza in a little italian joint and a hot dog from a hot dog vendor in front of the Met... and you don't even have to worry about the calories because you walk them off(plus more!)anyways! :)

  14. So the night of the blogger meetup is the night before Olive's party at my house... which basically means, that I am going to be a deep cleaning scrubbing fool who is going to show up to booze.

    And I am all over this POTM!!

    I hope you have a great weekend, pretty lady!

  15. oh my goodness your November is packed full! I don't think I could cook for 30 people! Actually I don't even know how to cook a turkey...lame sauce I know! :)

    You are totally going to rock those 75 miles!

    I wish I could come to the blogger meet up... sad day :(

    Thank you SOOO much for giving me a shout hot stuff!!

  16. Nov is crazy for us too! As in we are only on day 2 and I already am feeling behind on everything! Out of town this saturday, next week final party prep and babysitting my niece for Leah's first sleep over!, following weekend is Leah's friends bday party and then Leah's bday party, then out of town for Thanksgiving, 3 year old check ups, I majorly need to visit the eye doctor.... ugg! Oh and somewhere I need to do some major shopping in there!!

  17. You should totally do the race on thanksgiving! I think it would add something fun and just for YOU to the day!!