Tuesday, November 27, 2012

POTM Update & A Few Fails

It's Tuesday and you ALL know this is my LEAST favorite day of the week, so on that note I decided to update you all on my POTM challenge;) My goal for the month was 75 miles and I am at 46 miles - so unless I can run 29 miles by Saturday, my challenge was a big fat FAIL... Whatever though, I have STILL been running and that is a HUGE plus in my book. So this week I am really going to try and reach at least 20 miles  - so I will be short 9 - "meh". I am also thinking all the strength training I am doing is taking up running time - but I am seeing great results with the workouts - so I am sticking to it... So how are you all doing with the POTM challenge?

My Thanksgiving Morning Run - 5 miler
So I tried out the "duck face" with Elle this weekend - she can WORK it (BANG)- another FAIL for me.

Mel's Duck Face Fail
On another note - I have realized Miss Elle is REALLY taking a liking to some of the things her mama loves. Not sure if you all know this - but I am obsessed with vintage cars. I want a 56 Thunderbird so bad I can taste it... E wants a motorcycle, but I "think" I have convinced him to go the vintage car route;) She took a nice "top down" drive in my friend Bill's GTO. I MIGHT buy this from him in a few years, when he sells it to get his Corvette - bah!! We will see.

Here is what I want - LOVE IT!
Elle in the GTO - look closely Wes is hanging out too. LOL
Alright well all this randomness has lead me to this... I decided to do a vlog regarding any questions you might have for me. Sooooo I am sure you have seen this a million times, and I am jumping on the band wagon. I am loving the vlogs - it makes me laugh so hard and I enjoy doing them. Basically ask me ANYTHING - I am an open book people a few secrets. You can leave your questions in the comments on this post or email me at missmel_joy@yahoo.com - I am "thinking" I will answer them on Friday for FACT Friday - if no one wants to ask me anything I might just do a vlog of me crying. LOL... Kidding:)

Enjoy This Lousy Tuesday

How is POTM going for you? Favorite vintage car? Questions for yours truly?


  1. I'm not going to reach my POTM goal either, but I am okay with that because I have still run more miles this month than ever so I'm calling it a win. I don't have any questions for you right now, I'll have to ponder that.

  2. I challenged myself to 60 miles and I'm going to come up short- but it's the fact that we're running that matters most! That Elle is seriously something else. Hysterical! Ok my question for your vloggy vlog, If you and Elle met the Beibs, what's the ONE question you would ask him?! Hope Tuesday turns around for ya girl!

  3. You and Elle would look so cute shopping in your vintage car! Love the duckface photo. Here are my Q's... love this idea BTW I might do this one day!
    1. What is your job/what do you do?
    2. Where did you and E honeymoon?
    3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  4. i think a duck face via instagram work in progress would be a great visual :) LOVE IT!!!!

  5. must learn how to vlog!!! i'm pretty sure there must be a camera on my laptop....but I do everything from my iphone or my work computer. grrrrrrr!

  6. 46 miles is still wayyyy impressive! my vlog question is....have you always been a fit lady, or did you have an "aha moment" that got you going?

  7. I think I'm going to hit my POTM goal (if this sore throat doesn't keep me from my last 5 miles), but I have seriously been slacking on the weight training and you, Elle, and Megan have convinced me that that was a huge mistake! Someone needs to host a pile on the iron December challenge! :)

    OK, questions for your vlog! How many siblings do you have and where do you fall in the lineup? What is your first memory? aannd David Hasselhoff: yes or no?

  8. I love vintage cars too! My grandpa is awesome at restoring cars and has a '66 mustang, a '51 mercury and a few others and I LOVE them. One day, I hope to have an old mustang of my very own. :)

    Good luck at your weigh-in tomorrow!

  9. It's good to be ambitious; reach for the stars girl! Did you ever do an update about your morning clothes fiasco with your daughter? It must be getting better if you haven't mentioned it;-)

  10. haha. You crack me up. I will come up with one question for sure. We don't wanna see you cry! 46miles is AWESOME! Especially to this mama who still isn't allowed to run quite yet.

  11. haha. I don't know if today is lousy but it should be lousy weather tuesday here. It's rainy/snowy/cold and just plain BLEH.

    But! Even if you won't reach your mile goal, I think it is great that you have run even 46 miles because that is an accomplishment in itself! :)

  12. Hahaha I fail at the duck face too! I just wondered how many times per week you run (& how far) and strength train? I'm sure you've answered before but I can't remember. :)

  13. hahaha Elle's duck face, I love!!
    ahhh, I have had such an INCONSISTENT running month. We'll get 'em in December!!
    My dad loves vintage cars!

    Okay questionsss eh!
    What do you consider your biggest personal achievement?
    If you could have one super power, what would it be?

  14. I love vintage cars too but hate the trend that everyone and their mother is using them in their wedding...it was MY idea first, okay!? I joke...my vlog question is how do you stay organized? I love me a good spiral planner and wondered what works best for you? Have a great Tuesday...one day closer to the weekend!

  15. Her duck face OMG I am dying!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!

    I think you should vlog trying to get Elle to wear an outfit that is not her choice... haha I kid i kid. that would be like me hiding the hair straightener in my house. Oh the mutiny :-)

    Where is your favorite place to eat Mexican food?

  16. Are you a natural blonde or do you color?

    I would love a cherry red Mustang Convertible, circa late 60's. My folks have a friend who has an old MG, wouldn't mind having one of those, too. :) Someday...

  17. So..confession. I signed up for POTM with a very reasonable goal and while I did run (not as much as I even said I would) I never even looked at the spreadsheet other than when I signed up! Such a forgetful Fran over here..oops.

    My questions come to you from a job interview I went on last week. While the questions were really weird, a few were pretty good!
    -If you could get advice from only one person for the rest of your life, about anything, who would it be?
    -What would you say your biggest flaw is?

    A few from me:
    -Do you follow a specific strength training plan or routine?
    -How do you balance being a full time mom and employee and still get in time for fitness?
    -What is your favorite date you've ever been on with your husband, or if there's no favorite, how did he propose?

    I think a Q&A vlog is a great idea! Now you've got me kinda wanting to do one:)

  18. bah, I made the goal of 75 miles as well and I am at like 50 something... and I have only ran 1.4 miles this week... I am hoping to get a really long run in tomorrow... maybe another 5 on Friday, and 4 Saturday... and.. that puts me at... NOT 75!

  19. Well you won't be too short! Plus you had a crazy month with your crazy ass Thanksgiving party! No worries girl you rock!
    hmmmmm question....question...
    Here's a good one:
    If you could be with any celebrity (and by be with you know what I mean) who would it be? And your hubs is ok with it... of course:)

  20. Dude... You are 46 miles better than me. That is amazing!

    Here's my question.....

    "Where did you go to High School" (just kidding)

    Here's my real question
    "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?"

  21. Elle has mastered the duck face! Ha! I love old cars too. I'd love a Nova or Chevelle!

  22. That duck face photo is too cute! Now for questions . . .
    1) What is your fav healthy food and what is your fav weakness (no health) food.
    2)How did you meet your husband?
    3)Fav tv show(s)
    4) Do you whiten your teeth? haha- strange, but they are so white and I am thinking of doing mine- so I am curious.

  23. That car is amazing!!! Please buy it and let me come ride in it!!!!!