Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Madness & Celebrity Sightings

Good MORNING... It's Thursday - AKA my Friday since I am off tomorrow and going SHOPPING:) I HAVE to find something for tomorrow night. On that note - don't forget tomorrow is STL Blogger night at Quintessential on Main Street in St. Charles. Oh yea... I am sure I will be blowing up Instagram and Twitter. I feel like lamesauce for not taking ONE picture when Holly, Aly, and I met up a week or so a go - bad blogger here.. So I PLAN to make up for that.

I got up again at 4 am this morning, and of course txt the lovely Lora - and she was UP and raring to go;) If you want to join in on the fun - Lora came up with a cool hashtag #4aclub for instagram/twitter - post your early pics and use the hashtag... it's going to be super fun... I remember the day I was dragging my butt home at 4am - now I am up getting my work out on... Oh the days...

My girl over at FatChick2FitChick is doing an AWESOME thing for Christmas. It is called #MerryPlanksmas - it is a plank challenge for December. I am soooo joining in on the fun. You know my POTM challenge for November was such a success - NOT! So I am REALLY hoping to plank it up hardcore and have Santa eating those Christmas cookies off my stomach;) If you want to join in on the fun - just click on my girls bum below....


Blogger Swag Swap was a HUGE success for me. The lovely and most amazing Annie sent me the MOST awesome swag. She knows me SOOOOOOOOO well. In the box were 2 nail polishes - this awesome navy color and gold - MY FAV! A gold Bic Band - my very 1st one - so stoked. Awesome running socks, I can't wait to try (Tarjay baby). GU Chomps - LOVE THEM and Stingers - woot. A great organizer to organize my blog posts - you are so cute Annie I loved this so much AND... my favorite SWEDISH FISH - which I ate the whole box last night watching the new episode of Duck Dynasty. AWESOME... THANK YOU SO MUCH...

And... now for the Celebrity Sightings Part....

I am linking up with Holly and Erin for their Celebrity Sightings Link up... YAY


My stories go a little like this...

I met Daryl Hall and John Oats - my first celebrity meet up - EVER... I was seven. I went and saw them at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. My amazing cousin worked there and she hooked me up. I got to bring them a rose and hang out for a bit. It was EPIC and I was seven;)

Many years passed.. MANY years with no celebrity meet-ups...BOO:( BUT then My SIL got married in Vegas and we were at that Country bar called "Toby Keith's" or something along those lines. It was late, way after the wedding and reception ,and we all couldn't even see straight. I heard someone say - hey it is those Soprano guys - as I was gliding by their table to hit up the restroom. I turned around and there sat these two dudes... Vincent Pastore and some guy from Law & Order (John Munch) or something - he wears glasses all the time. Oh "hai" I gotta pee.. and off I went.. So easy breezy - a?

Then that brings us to Cal.i.forn.I.A. last year - I was in LA for a day before we went to Malibu and I saw the lovely J.Lo, her boyfriend, and the twins at The Grove.

I also saw the lovely Dianna Agron at The Grove - she looked lovely as usual.She was hidden in huge sunglasses and oversized coat - but whatev.. it was still fun..

In Malibu I saw Leann Rimes - "meh" - not a fan of hers... but she was shopping for some candy - found that ironic...

I think that about sums it up - if you count Athletes as celebrities - then I have stalked a TON. HAHAHA. I am basically the stalker that wants to look at you, but not talk to you or take pictures. I want to "say" I saw you but am too freaked out to ask for a pic. I would feel like a jackknife evening opening up my mouth to talk. LOL... Now... if I encountered The Rock... all of this goes out the window...NO HOLDS BAR.

Have a great Thursday


  1. You got some great stuff for the swap! I am so glad it was such a huge success:)

    Also so jealous you are off tomorrow. Last week's three day week spoiled me. Buy me something nice!

    And last but not least, also jealous you got to meet Hall and Oats. AND bring them a rose? It's like the Bachelor! I can jam to some "Rich Girl" any day of the had great taste in music at the ripe age of seven:)

  2. What's the fun of seeing a celebrity if you can't ask for a picture? I'm sure they live for that shit. ;) Loved your stories, though especially about Hall and Oats. Too funny!

  3. OMG Hall and Oats! That would be awesome! *You make a my dreams come true...ue ue ue ue*

    BTW, will you grab my button again (sounds dirty don't it). The dang thing was linking to some off the wall website, but should be fixed now.

    Thanks for sharing and planking it up with me! Can't wait to see all the pics!

  4. Ok. I am a huge sports addict. Which athletes have you seen? If you say Kobe Bryant..then girl, I can't with you and your prettiness and life. !!!

    I LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Jennifer Lopez. That woman is beautiful!!

    You got great stuff in that swag swap!

  5. I found that ironic.... bahahaha. I went to L.A. and didn't see a damn person. Actually, I think I saw one of those real world challenge contestants in the airport but I REFUSE to call a reality star like that a real celebrity. Ha!

  6. AWESOME job getting up at 4 AM! I guess when you announce you are going to do something to all of blogland, you have to do it :) Go girl!!

  7. Hall and Oates - bah ha ha!!!!!!!! Epic! I love it!!!!

  8. MMm I love swedish fish!!! yum yum!!! I am super jealous of your day off and bloggy meet up, dang I need to move. But then I would be closer to spongebob so maybe I just need to travel more instead.

    I love J Lo!! And have met no one famous. I do know two famous athletes form hgih school does that count? lol

  9. Isn't it kind of crazy I live in SoCal, a mere 1/2 hour (without traffic) away from LA? I guess since I live here I have never done the touristy celeb sitings thing? Maybe I've met a baseball player when I was a waitress, but that's small time compared to JLo.

  10. Also, I am way jelly of you St. Louis blogger meet up, AGAIN.

    And I love you. Thats all.

  11. You are freaking hysterical! I can't believe all these celebrity sightings! Leann Ryhmes buying candy now that is ironic. Happy Thursday Mel!

  12. I had to update my celeb sighting post. Forgot my athlete stalking, I mean, sighting I had, lol. And Leann buying candy, hahaha. Are you sure she wasn't lost? lol Congrats to you and Lora keeping up the 4am thing! And I am totally jealous of yalls meetup tomorrow. Have an awesome time! :)

  13. I've never tried swedish fish but I'm thinking I should. AND I'm secretly hoping there is a good time difference that would let me be a part of the 4 am club but actually only have to get up at 5 like normal haha :)

  14. The Rock and Vin Diesel...mmm mmm mm!!

  15. So excited for tomorrow!!! I now feel the need to go shopping, hope I can look as stylish as you!

  16. heeeheee. I feel the exact same way about Leann. I think my fav is that you met Hall and Oats. AWESOMENESS!
    FYI, I nominated you for the "Get to Know a Hoe" Award. If you have some free time you should participate. :)

  17. Stalking athletes?! A girl after my own heart!

    I was at The Grove earlier this year and was so bummed I didn't see anyone famous!

    Thanks so much for linking up... love your blog!

  18. New reader to your blog! I love JLO so I'm super jealous you've seen here! Have a good day. :)

  19. Hall and Oates! Were their "Private Eyes" watching you? LOL! You've had some interesting celeb sightings.

  20. The Grove?! That is soooo A-list of you! :) And I laughed out loud at the LeAnn Rimes comment. Home wrecker.

    And our little Annie knows you so well... the Swedish Fish just top off the bag!

    See you tonight!!!!!!! EEKKKKK.

  21. Have fun shopping today..I am jealous :)

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  23. OMG< you have met soooo many celebs, you lucky girl!!!!! im totally checking out the plank challange!