Monday, December 31, 2012

Adios and Bring It On

It's NYE my friends and I LOVE IT. I can't wait to say SEE YA LATER to 2012. Not to say that some stellar things didn't happen.... A few of my favorites were:

MO Cowbell Half - Marathon
Elle's First Concert - Justin Bieber
Wes's Golden Birthday - Mustache Bash (sorry no post) but you can see his 1st Bee B-day HERE
Cardinals in general - LOL... even if we did lose. Love them boys.
Philadelphia trip and buying a size 6.
Meeting up with some great Blogger gals for the 1st time. Love making new friends.
Running the GLO Run with my bestie.
Eric had some good things happen at his job:)
Wes has grown leaps and bounds this year.
2 of my great friends got pregnant despite many years of infertility.

There are more - but these stand out for 2012. On the other hand, there were a TON of "not so great" things that happened in 2012 ~ so on that note, I can't wait to put this year past me and move on to 2013.

In 2013 I am looking forward to a few changes in myself. I can't wait to look back at this post in December 2013 and see if ANY were kept:

Start to let my "guard" down or my "wall". I keep a guard up at all times, because I don't like disappointment at ALL. I don't like being let down, so I always think the "worst" and if it works out then great and if not, then I can go with "told ya so". Yes I need to work on this.

Stop being so hard on myself. I am my WORST critic - for real I am terrible. I have to let some of that go and actually be my BEST supporter. This I will work on.

Stand up to others. You wouldn't think it, but I back down often (from certain people), because it is easier to just "let it go". This year I will work on standing my ground - even if it reeks havoc;)

Internalize more. I am a HUGE extrovert. I love being around others, near others, talking to others, etc... I think in 2013 I need to focus more internally. Now, don't get me wrong I am not letting go of my true self, but I need to figure some shiz out  ~ this year I will do that. 

Yes I will work on all those things - also I posted my 5 Wishes For the New Year. I WILL be working on those, as well.

Alrighty...boy, I got a little deep there for a bit;) In addition - I can't wait for NYE tonight. I had my girl come over last night. She did my hair, spray tanned, and did my make-up and actually wrote down how I am supposed to do it. AGH!!!! It looked GREAT - now lets see if I can re-create.

I basically have a New Years resolution for tonight and the year and it goes a little something like this:

Have A Safe & Happy New Years Eve

What are you going to work on in 2013? Eye make-up genius? Vodka or Tequila?


  1. haha, love that e-card!! have a couple for me, I'm going to be working..
    boo! but I heard a crazy rumor about sparkling grape juice so it's all good :). Happy New Year!!

  2. Ha! Have a blast tonight!! We are headed to a neighborhood party with the kids, but should be a good time...

  3. You had a great 2012. We have to be our own #1 cheerleader. Happy NYE!

  4. Happy New Year gal! Hope you have a blast tonight and can't wait to see pics of the sparkly dress!

  5. Party some for me in your fab dress!! I'm lying in the bed sick. : ( have fun!!

  6. My resolution is champagne. Lots of it. And letting your guard down- that is a good one, because I am guilty of that. I have walls as high as alcatraz up around me most of the time. It has made making new friends and meeting any potential loves-of-my-life, because I just shut people out. For me, it is a fear of being judged...and is a reflection of how I feel about myself (physical and non-physical)...something worth working on for sure.

  7. This New Year I'm going to take off these last 20 lbs and I start school. So I guess the new year is about me ;-)
    And I'll have whatever's available. I'm not picky! Vodka or tequila is fine. Or both!!

  8. Love your resolutions and meeting you and the other bloggers was a definite highlight of mine this year, too! Have a great time tonight with your smoking hot self and be safe!

  9. Dang girl! Have you been reading my diary?!haha We are very similar. I usually think the worst that way I'm not let down when poop hits the fan. And I am crazy hard on myself. A few months back my therapist said I need to learn to let stuff go and take it easier on myself. I've been trying but it's hard because I don't like to dissappoint.
    Anywhoo, I'm excited to get this new year started! I haven't been back to work in a week(which is where I usually blog. Work productivity schomductivity) So, I'm gonna post my 5 Wishes for the New Year! Hope you have a fantabulous evening ringing in the new year with your fam!

  10. Enjoying your blog! Newest follower and going to catch up some more :)

  11. I love your goals. Good luck and happy 2013!

  12. I love you! I can't wait to instagram stalk you to see selfies of you in your hot dress!

  13. yay! I'm going to try the same half marathon training plan that you used...thanks for that! happy new year, hope you have a fun time tonight in your killer dress! :)

  14. LOL Vodka. Love you girl, have a great night out! I will be in! I am lame, I know! Ill make sure the neighbors hear my loud ass playing board games though!

  15. Happy New Year!! Love your goals for 2013. Have an awesome day!

  16. Those are some great goals! I can't wait to follow along and see what 2013 holds for you :) Happy New Year Mel!

  17. Jello Shots. That was my NYE. I'm glad you're honest about drinking it up on NYE. We need more of that with healthy fit bloggers!

  18. Can't agree more with the Cardinals! I am already looking forward to opening day. It can't get here soon enough!

  19. I'm also pretty excited to look back in 1 year and see if I accomplished all that I wanted!