Saturday, December 15, 2012

College FACT...

Happy Saturday everyone. Well - Yesterday was "Fact or Fiction" Friday and if you are BACK to see what the FACT was...... Well......

The winner and complete utter EMBARRASSMENT is....

2. Freshman year of college my roommate and I had a dorm room that faced the whole school. On our window we had the words "Players Club - Get In Where You Fit In" for ALL to see.

Yes my friends that was ME... Ellis dorm windows faced the entire school. So, since we LOVED Too $hort and were gangsta girls at heart... we decided this would be a good idea. Now looking back, 13 years later I realize that this marked the era of my TOOLDOM!

I txt my roommate and bff since freshman year of high school (Beth):

Luckily we do NOT have the evidence, oh... but ask any Ellis dorm person and they should know:) Beth and I would walk home from high school reciting every lyric to Too $hort songs (we were a couple of bad a** gangsta girls - NOT) - we even made these super cool outfits ONCE (daisy dukes with wife beaters that had writing on them in BLACK MARKER - can you say CLASSY) and hung out in her room dancing to every filthy rap song there was. I miss those days sometimes...

So if you ever see me rollin in my drop top caddy, throw a peace sign and say hey pimp daddy!


  1. Bhahahahahahaha me & you both girl! When I was in high school I wanted a baby blue Toyota Celica with white rims and Thug Girl on the front window in white. Sadly at the time, and fortunately now, I never could afford said car ;-)

  2. Bhahahahaha!!!!! Love this gangsta!

  3. haaaaaaaaha, I was wrong, but I love it!!

  4. Hahaha!!!! The good ole days...

  5. I love this! And...happy to say that we would've been besties had we gone to the same school cuz I also loved some good raunchy rap. Ah Ha by Esham...? It's naughty!

  6. Guuuurlll you make me laugh so hard with this! It still cracks me up that you are so gangsta, and I love it! I am from the ghetto and love that old school rap, but look like the complete opposite of a gangsta bahaha. So glad I'm not alone :)

  7. I had no idea you were such a bad a$$!!