Monday, December 24, 2012

Guilt, Gluttony, and Pictures...

Merry Christmas Eve - Mr. Claus comes tonight. Bring mama something in a nice little light blue box - ppppplease... You know what song I love "Santa Baby" - for real that song makes me so happy AND guess who sings it now with me - ELLE! Awwww that child... Oh here are some pics from yesterday's Christmas fun at my mom's house. Oh, btw... I ate like crapola and didn't feel bad about it until I woke up this morning with swollen salt face... BOO...

Green Beans with Bacon - only way to roll AND Reuben Dip (recipe HERE)
Elle loves Bieber - her mama loves his lips and hips. BAH!
Elle, Wes, and my nephew Jake
So of course we went home immediately and put up the poster AND I put away all the presents, because I am anal and everything in my house has to have a place!

My house
Oh yeah - looking good there Biebs...
Good times I tell ya...

On another note, the Waterkotte's took pictures for E's G-ma this Christmas - here are a few...

Elle, my nephew Will, and Wesley 
Back - Stacy (Eric's younger sister), Dan (Eric's older brother), Steve (Eric's younger brother and Stacy's twin), and E
Front - Kyle (Eric's cousin) and Derrick (Eric's cousin and brother of Kyle)
Here we ALL are - Back my SIL Lauren married to Dan / Front my SIL Maghen married to Steve
and me... this was after my Santa Run and I didn't even put make-up on. Sorry G-ma this girl was tired.
My babies - I love them so much...
And finally the GUILT part. For Elle and Wes's school, their classrooms usually collect money for the Christmas gifts for the teachers. Well I contributed to Elle's class and had it all together - wrote my check, got it to school in time, etc... then I walked in to drop them off on Friday and guess what - I HAVE ANOTHER CHILD... and his name is Wesley!!! AND... his teachers got NOTHING from me. Where is my head people - for real? I felt TERRIBLE.... so if any of you Rainbow Room teachers read this - you will get your gift after the Holidays and I apologize. I guess since no-one collected moolah in that class - I totally just FORGOT! I am a bad Goddard mom - but I will make up for it. Yep... we forget sometimes - or at least I do...

Well I haven't ran or worked out since last Sunday - FAIL... but I fully intend to jump on the treadmill this evening and push out 6 miles or so. I miss working out, running, and eating right. These Holidays KILL me ~ but I will get back on track.

Since the world didn't end over the weekend - looks like I will be getting drunk on Christmas, listening to people tell the same story 50 times, hearing about how Wes looks just like E and PaPa Rocky, and kicking every one's a** in Candyland. BOOYA!!!

Merry Christmas
Forget stuff? Candyland champion? German girl like me (Reuben dip)?


  1. I love reading your blog, you are a funny lady! Your house looks great, love the biebs poster for Elle, and your kids are too cute! Holidays have derailed me too in the eating category. I kind of can't wait til January!!

  2. Great pictures!! I are bad yesterday and am already regretting it! Time to head to the gym (after going shpping of course!)

  3. My mom forgets stuff all the time, so she takes this memory vitamin called Ginkobloba {definitely spelled that shit wrong}. Anyway, she can never remember to take it, so it defeats the point. :)

    Anyway, your house is gorgeous, my friend {and so are dem babies}!

    Merry Christmas! Cheers to gettin' CRUNK!! :)

  4. I have been eating horrible too! I just want the holidays over so I can get back to normal! .... Get the cookies out of my house!.... Ok off to eat another! Merrychristmas eve to your gorgeous family!

  5. I realized this morning that I forgot to wrap my B-I-L's present that we are exchanging tonight -- whoops! At least I figured it out before we got there tonight and he didn't have anything from us! Oh's to the well. ;)

    Merry Christmas, Dear Friend! Have a happy one!

  6. Your family pictures look great! And who can tell that you're not wearing makeup? The Justin Bieber poster cracks me up as does your "slight" obsession with him. Merry Christmas Mel!

  7. You have suchhhh a beautiful family, house and little kids!! Blessed. :)
    LOL @ the caption under the Bieber pics. haaaha!

  8. Cute house. Love the lights! Candyland is only one of the best games ever! We should get together and see who really is the champion. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Thanks for sharing the Reuben dip recipe! Can't wait to try it!!

  10. I hope you got drunk and then ran the six miles :- ) Good times. As a German girl myself, I am totally stoked about the rueben dip. Merry Christmas! ~ Jen J.

  11. I envy you that you can not run for a week and then do a 6 miler! I have a hard time even getting 2 or 3 in after taking a week off!!
    Hope you had a very awesome Christmas!!

  12. Uhh no make up and you look FABULOUS!!!!!!! I forgot a very important teacher too I feel horrible and will bring her sumthinsumthin when school gets back in