Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Questions and I Fail Again...

It's Wednesday and today I am linking up with the lovely and most divalicious lady Darci, BUT before I get to that (sorry another post tonight I forgot my pics at home. I was wrestling with Elle and whether she should have a melt down over leopard vs. black leggings - the leopards won). I failed at getting up at 4am today too - so another night run it shall be...

Oh.. Wait.. I do have a few Christmas pics - not my favorite Santa one's yet - those are to come...

Vintage Elle - 1 1/2 maybe?
Vintage Elle - 1 1/2 maybe?
Vintage Wes - 6 months or so

My babes 2010

One more question and answer for you because I know you care so much about "getting to know me". LOL....

Erin at Happily Ever After (& Then Some) had some questions for me.. and thank you for nominating me - you know I love your sexy Halloween costume - I always pop the picture open and think "you are HAWT".

1. What is your favorite holiday? - 
Halloween and My Birthday - mostly Halloween

2. What is your favorite food? - 
SWEETS - anything with sugar in it... oh and MEAT baby...

3. What is your favorite memory that includes alcohol? - 

Oh man... Probably one of E's Homecoming in college -don't remember much. It involved a dress that had a SUPER low cut v in the front, no back, much alcohol, wrestling (picture the dress), more alcohol, tons of dancing, and other shenanigans that will go un-talked about

4. Favorite memory without alcohol? 

birth of my babies - especially Elle since hers was a breeze. Wes was KILLER but so worth it

5.  How long have you been with your significant other? 
12 years dating - 8 years in May married

6. Where did you meet them? 
Good ole college - Ellis dorm baby. CMSU (not sure the true name now)

7.  What would be the first thing you bought if you hit the lotto tonight? - 
shots, shots, shots, shots.... KIDDING - CANDY.. LOL

8.  What is your dream car? - 

57 Ford Thunderbird

9.  Where would be your dream place to live? - 

San Diego, CA... I go every year but I want to live there so bad...

10.  If you could get plastic surgery today, what would you get? - 

(.)(.) job hands down - oh and this WILL happen in the next few years. I already have agreement and funds from the powers that be;)

11.  Where's your favorite place on earth? - 
My bed... no joke.

Alright you will see my second post tonight - because I am lame and forgot my pics in the office at home. Dang you, you stubborn little Elle... Poor Wes... I wonder what he is thinking every morning? Oh and hooray for E for NEVER being there to experience the pure HE** that is the AM dress rehearsal.

How did this.. turn into this?
Baby Elle Rose
Another post to follow tonight for the link-up.


  1. She's giving so much model face in that pose. fieeeerce.

    I was chatting to some guy on my flight home and he could not stop talking about how amazing San Diego is!

    And yep, I am a sugar addict. Anything sweeet is my fave food!

  2. They look so much alike in their baby pics! I am convinced Savannah and Elle would be two great friends.

  3. Love that Elle girl, ducklips and all. Such a cutie. If you think she's bad now, what in the world is she going to be like when she is a teenager!

    Your vintage baby pictures are completely adorable.

    So why on earth was your second child's birth worse than the first? This is the first I've heard of such a thing!

  4. I'll be hitting you up for those shots when you hit the lotto!! Thanks for answering my questions. That dress sounds hot! I may or may not have gotten so schwasted the other week I ripped my brand new dress when removing it. Ah well sh*t happens. Isn't that Halloween pic awesome? Im gonna have that sh*t framed and be all like 'look! I can be sexy!!!'

  5. Ahhhh that picture of Elle is just so sassy! I love it. Your babes are too precious, girlfriend! And yeah, I agree with you--my bed is one of the best places in the world. Love getting to read all of these "getting to know you" questions :)

  6. You're gonna have so much fun when she is a teenager! shots... shots... shots... LOL

  7. I love the pictures of Elle! ... And my sister currently lives in Ellis! Must be the place to live!

  8. LOL I left Jeremy with the kids for today and tomorrow because they DID me in yesterday morning. Tell E his turn!!!

  9. your daughter makes me sooo glad that my girls have to wear uniforms every day to school...oh the drama there would be in our house!!

  10. Sorry you had to deal with diva drama again this morning. I have a feeling that it is going to hit me BIG TIME in the next few years with Emmeline. Girl is already picky about her clothes and she's only 2.

    BTW, I am loving your keeks!

  11. When is your anniversary? ... The hubs and I were 11 years dating and 7 years married this past May - our's is May 27th =)

  12. I know you've already done a ton of these but I thought you would be a great person to get the Liebster Award. So I nominated you on my page.

  13. LOVE the last picture!!

  14. I'm trying to prep myself for any future melt downs I may have with my little one! Thanks for the heads up!hehe

  15. My bday is definitely one of my favorite holidays too :) Exactly 6 weeks away and counting! Haha. Your kids are presh.

  16. man, where in the world did your child get all that sass??? hahahahaha.