Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sarah and Heather's Holiday Link-up

Good morning - I had a rough night post-partying after the "HJ Awards" show - so today I thought a nice little link up with Sarah and Heather would be fitting. It's about the Holidays and since Christmas is less than a week away - here we go...


The questions are:

What's your favorite holiday movie? - ELF by far... or the old school "Grinch"
Do you have any special traditions? - Elf on the Shelf. Christmas Eve is spent at our house with our immediate family, opening one gift and reading the story of "Baby Jesus".  
What's your favorite ornament or decoration? - Favorite decoration would be the Nativity Scene from E's g-ma. However it is glass and I am too scared to put it out while the kids are little;) So it looks nice in the box that is in the basement.
Best gift you've ever received? - My Dad gave me a pendant one year when I was about 7 - it says "Daddy's Little Girl". Still have it and love it.
Worst gift you've ever received? - A green Tommy Hilfilger sweater that looked like it was for a boy. HATED IT... or these hideous CUBS boxers. First off - HATE boxers (yes people I am a GIRL) and second I LOATHE the Cubs.
Favorite winter accessory? - Scarves and Boots are you kidding me? I am all about them.
Real tree or fake? - FAKE... I am allergic to wood... no for real.. Can't do camp fires, bonfires, etc... Probably a blessing because I HATE camping or anything that has to do with being out in the wilderness.
When and how did you find out that Santa was not real? - Not sure - I think I was probably 9 or so.. and I think my mom told me... but don't quote me on that. 

So link-up, check it out, vlog it, blog it, whatever you gotta do. Click the button above. Have a great Thursday. I would of vlogged but my voice is GONE. Uh OH!!! Happy Holidays to me...


  1. ahahaha I love how you did red and green for the questions! I did it too! Gotta get in the spirit.

    And allergic to wood?! Really, never heard such a thing! Good excuse to avoid the wilderness though..I could use that excuse sometimes with my wild husband

  2. I agree - wood allergy? Crazy! But I hate the wilderness as much as anybody possibly can and my husband tries dragging me along all the time. I might have to use this one going forward though!!!

  3. Allergic to wood? Does that mean you have never had a SMORE!?!?!?????

  4. My husband is allergic to wood too, maybe that is why we always have a fake tree? Nah, it's because it's easier. But.... I am bound and determined to get a real one for the kids one day :)

    I love your Christmas Eve traditions! We are normally either travelling or cooking and baking up a storm on that day, with a break for Christmas Eve service. Yours sounds nice.

  5. You can't do bonfires?? I would be devastated!

    I'm also a fan of the old-school grinch. The Jim Carrey one? Meh.

  6. A wood allergy? Is that for real? Is that contagious? Can it be? I'm not a fan of camping and this would be the perfect out...